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45 Trends in interior decoration

Today I want to share with you an incredible gallery where I will show you 45 trends in interior decoration that have been and are being sensation this 2016, so if you have not yet adopted any trend in the decoration of your home, you are in time to do it and renew your home, I hope you like our proposals very much.

Some of the styles that were most used this 2016 in terms of interior decoration has undoubtedly been minimalist style, rustic, contemporary, industrial, light color combinations, neutral ranges that allow you to combine elements in almost any color, on the contrary in industrial or modern style is adopted more the tendency to create contrasts, in terms of colors, furniture and other elements that can decorate our space.

The decorative pictures and add art in unimaginable spaces such as the bathroom or dining room, have been the most accepted trends this year, the combination of classic furniture with other modern, or any other combination “opouesta” that at the end of the day achieve an impeccable result, in the gallery you will find many ideas of how to add these trends to the decoration of your home, I hope you like them a lot and you can put them into practice.

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