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29 Ideas to decorate the balcony, terrace of your apartment

The terraces and balconies are a very important part of the apartments, as they are the place where we can enjoy the outdoors, we can rest and where we can take a break and then continue with our daily activities. For that and other reasons, we must give it the importance it requires and make it a place to our liking, in which we are comfortable and in which we enjoy our stay, whether short or long.

Decoration of terraces with plants

Today I share with you 29 Ideas to decorate the balcony, terrace of your apartment in order to make it your favorite place. Nature is indispensable for everything, so don’t forget to place plants and gardens as much as possible and in this way you will ambient your terrace or balcony and help the environment. In case the space is very reduced you can place vertical or hanging gardens, and in addition to setting it, it will also have style.

The benches, chairs and tables can not miss, because on the terrace you can meet to live with family and friends, but if your thing is rest, then the best thing would be a hammock or an armchair in which you can rest. But also decorating it with lamps would be great for a nice evening. What do you think?

Ideas for terrace decoration

Terrace room ideas

Ideas for balconies and terraces

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