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Wooden Bathtub: the Models of the Best Brands

Atavistic suggestions and use of natural materials that give off an enveloping charm … here we are ready to show you how to furnish a dream bathroom by choosing wooden tubs capable of conquering at first glance.

In addition to aesthetics, the choice of one wooden bathtub must take into account certain quality standards to ensure a resistant and durable product, for this reason we want to present some models of bathtubs from best brands that you can find on the market at variable prices.


Michor wooden bathtubs

A high-quality production that meets the highest standards and offers models with unique and refined lines… you are about to discover the suggestive collection of wooden bathtubs by Michor, a leading company in the design and manufacture of real jewels of modern design.

Characterized by a high resistance to humidity, thermal variations and wear, the wooden bathtubs that we are going to show you here are made exclusively on request and through the use of precious woods, from walnut to ash, also passing through larch and oak.

A bathtub in precious wood, made in a free-standing version so that you can admire the splendid veins and shades, looks like a real luxury element capable of giving a refined and sophisticated touch.

Round countertop bathtub

Round wooden free-standing bathtub n.01

As we have already had the opportunity to underline, these splendid tubs are made through the use of precious woods of European, Asian and African origin, highlighting the natural shades and veins that make them elements with a unique design.

Here in particular you will be able to admire two suggestive round countertop models that make the sinuosity of the shapes and simplicity their strong point. Specifically, these are walnut and ash wood bathtubs which, like the whole collection, are made on request and made to measure.

Round wooden free-standing bathtub n.02

Oval countertop bathtub

Oval free-standing wooden bathtub n.01

We continue our journey by discovering oval-shaped free-standing tubs capable of furnishing with a class and elegance that is nothing short of unique. Also in this case it is possible to choose between different types of wood and therefore between different shades and shades that are highlighted even more by finishing systems that aim to keep intact the unique and natural beauty of the wood used.

Each wooden bathtub guarantees a perfectly waterproof surface that is treated with ecological substances (such as oil and hard wax) resistant to both dirt and friction.

Oval free-standing wooden bathtub n.02

Oval free-standing wooden bathtub n.03

Oval free-standing wooden bathtub n.04

Oval free-standing wooden bathtub n.05

Rectangular countertop bathtub

Rectangular wooden free-standing bathtub n.01

If you have always wanted to create a dream bathroom for your home, a place inspired by a SPA where luxury and design meet to create refined and breathtakingly beautiful environments, a wooden bathtub could be just the element from which leave to develop your own project. In addition to the round and oval models, you will also find rectangular bathtubs that, just like the previous ones, are made on request.

For any information regarding the prices of wooden bathtubs and the technical details of production and delivery, just contact the parent company directly.

Rectangular wooden free-standing bathtub n.02

Rectangular wooden free standing bathtub n.03

Rectangular wooden free-standing bathtub n.04

Aquatica wooden bathtubs

The perfect expression of luxury and refinement, Aquatica’s wooden bathtubs are inspired by the ancient Japanese bathing tradition which provides a seated position to tone and relax. The tubs are made of precious woods, such as American walnut, have high and enveloping edges with sinuous lines. Prices? The cost of these products varies from 38,000 to 55,000 euros.

Aquatica Wooden Bathtub Model # 01

Aquatica Wood Bathtub Model # 02

Aquatica Wood Bathtub Model # 03

Wooden bathtubs Image

Worked with special patented resins that ensure waterproofness and resistance, the Image branded bathtubs surprise for their essentiality and elegance. They are completely customizable and adaptable to any type of environment.

Wooden bathtub model Image n.01

Wooden bathtub model Image n.02

Wooden bathtub model Image n.03

Wooden bathtub model Image n.04

Wooden bathtub model Image n.05

Rapsel wooden bathtubs

Also inspired by the Japanese spa tradition, the wooden bathtub by Rapsel takes shape through careful technological work. Made of Siberian larch which is seasoned and dried, it guarantees the maximum in terms of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Rapsel wooden bathtub model

Bisazza wooden bathtubs

Pure geometric lines that wrap the body with high edges that come to life in the naturalness of wood: the Bisazza bathtub perfectly combines design research and high-quality workmanship.

Bisazza wooden bathtub model


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