We tell you how to plan your kitchen renovation

When it comes to renovating the kitchen, the whole process must be carefully planned: from the renovation of the facilities to the distribution and placement of the furniture, so that the time work is the shortest possible and the result the most beautiful and practical.

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DETERMINE THE REAL NEEDS. Fundamental to get the most suitable kitchen for the one who is going to use it. It’s not the same to cook every day as it is to cook only on the weekend. It is time to decide if you want an office area, if you are going to leave it open to the living room, etc., etc.

DRAWS A PLAN WITH THE LAYOUT. The placement of the furniture will be determined by the shape of the space and the meters available. Measure well and draw the plan with the ideal distribution and mark electrical and water points…. In a long and narrow kitchen, it is advisable to install furniture only on one front; if it is rectangular and wide, place furniture on the two opposite walls. Even the upper furniture can be placed up to the ceiling, to have a large storage area; if it has a square or rectangular floor plan, arrange the furniture in “L”, or, if the meters allow it, in “U”. A peninsula or an island is very useful to make the most of the space in the centre and even gain an area for eating.

DISTRIBUTES THE ZONES ACCORDING TO FUNCTION. Please note that a well-organised and functional kitchen should be divided into three areas, which will be located at the apex of an imaginary triangle, the so-called “working triangle”: the washing, cooking and storage areas. This facilitates movement and avoids unnecessary and time-consuming travel. Place support surfaces next to each area, i.e. next to the oven and microwave, one to support the hot dishes and also on each side of the sink.

RENEW ALL THE FACILITIES. Take advantage of the reform of the kitchen to bring the facilities up to date, so you can avoid future works. If the pipes are in bad condition or are more than 25 years old, it is time to renew them, it is also convenient to do a review of the electrical installation.

CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE. It is very important as the kitchen has a lot of daily wear and tear and must last for many years. For this reason, the structure of the furniture – doors, fronts, cupboards – and the worktops must be strong and of good quality. For example, Ikea offers high quality standards in its Faktum kitchen systems at an affordable price, both the structure and the shelves interior, with an 18 mm thick particle board. They offer up to 25 years of warranty.

DESIGN AN ERGONOMIC KITCHEN. When placing the furniture, take into account the comfort. It is more ergonomic not to put the wall units more than 1.40 m from the floor; and put the worktops at a height of between 85 cm and 90 cm. To make it easier to move around, try to keep the distance between the different areas of the working triangle no less than 2 m and no more than 6 m. If you opt for an island, arrange for 90 cm around it, to make it easier to move and open the doors.

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