The youngest talent floods Habitat’s textiles with colour

Decoration is a field in which it is necessary, from time to time, the appearance of new and young designers who offer new ideas to make all types of housing shine. This new batch of designers are called upon to renew the design landscape, so Habitat has christened them “.Designers of Tomorrow”. They are young, fresh and free, and their proposals distil that carefree point that gives audacity. The cases we will talk about today stand out for having created carpets and cushions overflowing with colour, with endless prints that imitate nature or play with geometry.

It is a journey that will take us around the world, from Paris to Oporto, passing through Helsinki or Falmouth. These four young creatives propose us textile prints with a common denominator: joy: abundance of color and shapes. Discover what her new look imagines for your living room and sofa!

Gombo Floriane Jacques Collection Watch Africa

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This designer is French but her works are characterized by using prints that allude to Africa. Floriane Jacques, freelance graphic designer and illustrator (he did his final year internship at Habitat’s design studio), pays tribute to the gombo flower, widely reproduced in African fabrics, for a free version printed on a carpet, a cushion and a vase.

Stamen Becca Allen Collection and its Floral Inspiration

This English illustrator, graphic designer and artistic director works in her studio in Falmouth. Becca Allen has drawn a serene floral motif to stamp the carpet. and cushion from his Stamen collection. It has a geometric interpretation of pistils and stamens, in organic tones where its delicacy and elegance shine.

Janine Collection the bold geometry of Janine Rewell

We also have Janine Rewell, a designer who likes to break molds and who bets on the use of geometry in her designs. It stands out for the use of new shapes when designing carpets and cushions.. Born in Philadelphia and trained at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, she has opted in these compositions for a very soft and balanced color palette.

Infinite Starway Collection Colour bursting on Epiforma’s infinite staircase

The power of Portugal’s Filipe Ferreira and Francisco Ribeiro can be felt in their Infinite Starway collection. As in a game of optical illusion, their geometric patterns follow a regular grid. Ferreira and Ribeiero, formed partly in Barcelona, have been the two halves of the Epiforma design studio since 2014.

What did you think of the commitment of these young designers? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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