The ultimate guide to removing hair from your pets

A Siberian cat in the house? A Persian? A poodle? Or maybe you’re one of those who has a nice white rabbit in the house? If you’re familiar with the battle black clothes vs. white hair, write down these tricks.

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They can be the ultimate solution to those volatile and unsettling hairballs. But rule number one: accept that when there are animals in the house, there will be hair…

Pass it around like a brush. This trick is inspired by the famous magic brushes for dogs and cats. Something will be effective when you use it so much!

          2. VACUUMING ROBOT

          If you want to keep the floor and carpets free of hair, the best thing you can do is buy a vacuuming robot and put it to work every day. However, you will also need a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa, armchairs, blankets, cushions…

          3. THE VELVET BRUSH
          Another alternative to the classic lint brush. It can be used both wet and dry, and its velvet-like plush helps to dislodge surface hairs.

          Bicarbonate helps eliminate static electricity that binds white hairs to surfaces and absorbs odors. How do you use it? Before passing the brushes, rollers, sponges or similar. Let it work for a few minutes.


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          Your washing machine may already have a specific function for burying pet hair, but if not, you should get a sponge or one of those little plastic balls designed specifically to trap hair.

          6. MOIST TOWELS
          It happens repeatedly in the downward direction. It will catch the hairs after passing the roller. It’s the final touch.

          Wet or dry, the classic T-shaped wiper accessory passes over the surfaces. It drags the hair and makes balls that are easy to remove.

          A simple and effective trick. Stretch the surface, keep it taut and pass the wet hand. Draw circles until all the hair is lifted and remove the balls.

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          Did you know that there are now fabrics that repel pet hair? For example, Teflon fabrics or anti-scratch fabrics.

          10. VISIT TO THE VET

          If you think your pet is losing hair excessively, take him to the vet. You may need to change his diet or shampoo, or it may be a case of anxiety.

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