The latest in kitchens: renew yours

The kitchen, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, It is the “room or place of the house in which the food is cooked.” A definition that falls short of the interest for years in gastronomy and the changes in the lifestyle that have made it a meeting place where the day is discussed, work is done or crafts and homework are done. Definitely, the kitchen is lived because moments are shared, the recipes are prepared
of always and it is enjoyed with the elaboration of other new discoveries in gastronomic blogs. Foodies, chefs and cooks know what we are talking about. And of course, by making life in it, everything that can be improved to enjoy it is immediately detected: more meters, natural light, an optimal distribution and better technology are needed. That is why many of the reforms that are undertaken are aimed at connect the kitchen with the living room.

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Now it is common to look for “the unit of the rooms where there is more life in the house, such as living room, kitchen and office, creating open spaces in which light and visual communication are essential ”, says the architect María José Navarro. The evolution for her is clear: “It is the place where the essential moments of the life of a family occur.” The aesthetic harmony in the new joint space is essential. “When we design open kitchens, we deal with the issues of lighting, colors and materials in continuity with the room so that both environments are fully integrated ”, explains Navarro.

Among the important decisions to get the final result of a kitchen right, the architect highlights “the lighting —for practical reasons and to achieve a pleasant atmosphere— and the choice of colors, both in the walls and in the rest of the materials; something essential for achieve a balanced environment and that fits well with the rest. We must take into account the color of the furniture when choosing both the countertop and the flooring and paint on the walls. ”

Another tip that he recommends in most of his works is “use a light and soft color palette on walls and, in any case, dare with some color both in the furniture and on the floor. Although the option that never fails is to opt for white in furniture and walls, and play with something more striking on the pavement, be it a ceramic imitation of wood, hydraulic tiles, etc. ”. Finally, María José recognizes that the pandemic will influence the design of the kitchen. “It is more necessary than ever to maintain minimum hygiene and safety measures and incorporate more hygienic materials, without porosity, so that bacteria do not accumulate on the surface.” The Silestone Institute, dedicated to research on kitchen space, is also committed to healthy measures such as cleaning surfaces frequently, having a good extractor hood, ventilating before and after cooking and having plants that oxygenate the space .

This is how the new kitchens are:

Cook, chat, do homework and spend time together … Lifestyle influences the configuration of the kitchen, and expanding it to have a multi-tasking dining room is becoming more common every day.

modern kitchen with wooden dining area

Kitchen, by El Corte Inglés, with laminated fronts Toronto, in ultra-matte green, and Quebec, in chestnut. Table Nagano (from € 295), chairs Dima (€ 69.95 each) and lamp Grace (€ 99).

The English Court

To highlight here, the installation of the oven and microwave in column. Advantage? With the raised oven you have more vision and control during its use; no bending when inserting and removing trays; and the space it would occupy under the plate is ideal for cutlery, pots, pans and saucepans to be at hand in the cooking area.

The increasingly equipped kitchen

And it should be for both those who cook for pleasure and those who do batch cooking out of necessity.

modern kitchen with island stainless steel sink

From the Grohe firm: tap K7 (from € 834) and stainless steel sink. model K800 (from € 2,413).


The water area in both cases will be one of the most used. For convenience, high spout taps, removable or not, and models with a hand shower are usually installed. Regarding the sinks, it is convenient that the basin is deep and, if you have space, choose a large one or two, which can be of different sizes.

Kitchens in black … yes or no?

Kitchens with dark furniture are an upward trend for their elegance and sophistication.

modern attic kitchen in black and white

Custom kitchen, by Pluck.


Does your space have plenty of natural light? Ahead! Especially if its tonality is integrated with the aesthetics of the room. Yes, complete the look with white or very light surfaces to spread natural light, as in this kitchen. Without hesitation add wood, a good ally of black, to gain warmth.

Light is essential

When you have clear the distribution on the plan, mark the light points by zones and also the location of the plugs and switches.

modern kitchen with center island and stools

In this renovation of the Egue y Seta studio, the hanging lamps, by Lucide, that hover over the breakfast bar stand out. Kitchen made to measure, by FusteriaB14. The stools are from Westwing.

Egue and Seta

You need general lighting and, for safety, comfort and savings, provide each kitchen area with its own lighting.

Kitchens with more space …

Because the kitchen has become a meeting point for family and friends.

modern kitchen with island and subway tiles

Furniture, by Salvadores Cocinas. Ceramic tiles, Decorazón. The stools were purchased from MisterWils.


In this project by María LM Krahe, it went from being narrow to gaining meters of an adjoining bedroom and the hall, which made it possible to create an island that houses the hob, enlarges the work and storage surface, and extends into a bar flown in for breakfasts or to accommodate anyone accompanying the chef.

All-inclusive islands

If you want a radical change, separate the work area from the wall and opt for a kitchen-island like this one, from the Santos firm.

modern island kitchen with cooking area and sink

Blanco sink and frifo; Gaggenau gas and induction hob; and countertop Naturamia® Amarula, of Levantina.


It consists of a faucet and a sink; cooking area with teppanyaki and induction and gas hobs; preparation area; and several maxi drawers to keep cutlery, utensils, pans, plates, vegetables organized and visible …

Kitchens grow

Or, at least, they try to be spacious.

modern kitchen with gray furniture

Kitchen with appliances, from Ikea. Combine doors and drawers Bodbyn —The front 40 x 40 cm (€ 30) -, handles Eneryda in bronze tone and laminate top Ekbacken, marble effect; in 186 x 63.5 x 2.8 cm (€ 39.99).


How to get your kitchen to have more meters? You may not be able to remove partitions, but you can move them or recess them so that your narrow kitchen gains enough space to add a tall cabinet or two. Or maybe it is easy to change the door for a sliding one and modify its distribution. Think about it!

Kitchens that are recycled

The waste management section has to be at the level of your new kitchen.

modern kitchen with functional furniture

Franke’s furniture (from € 337.59).


File this solution. System Sorter FX, by Franke, designed for 60cm furniture, installs in 15 minutes! With a removable tray to store cleaning products.

Kitchens neat and tidy!

With paneled appliances integrated into the cabinet fronts, the kitchens display impeccable aesthetic uniformity and convey a sense of order.

modern kitchen with hidden functional furniture

Calacatta countertop, by Neolith. Architect, María José Navarro.


But what to do with small appliances and gadgets? Includes a closet with plugs and shutter closure; its opening does not take away space from the work surface.

How to make the kitchen more welcoming?

You will think that it is only achieved with wood, but there are also certain tones and textures to introduce warm notes in the kitchen.

modern kitchen with wooden furniture and stone wall

Tiling Loireby Grespania. Pieces available in 31.5 x 100 cm and 30 x 60 cm formats.


Take a look at this tiled work front with grid relief and in a soft sand tone.

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