Arredare in stile moderno

The Key Elements of Modern Style Furniture

Modern style for interior design is becoming more and more popular in the media in recent years, but not always there fantasy of modernizing homes match in real life.

In fact, although many people appreciate thesimple appearance, linear style and interesting look of modern design, in fact, many of them prefer to live in softer and more traditional style houses. Living in an austere and spartan looking home is definitely not a choice for everyone!

However, interior designers and architects increasingly choose to add a minimal and modern touch even to apartments, villas and houses with a more classic and traditional mold. The balance given by the incorporation of the minimal style with the fashion of traditional design is summarized in an interesting combination of materials, angles and lines that give warmth and innovation to the whole environment.

So let’s see what the key ideas of modern interior design style that you can also use in your home.

Simple, smooth and clean lines

Simple lines in the modern style

The minimalist approach has certainly inspired modern interior design a lot. Simple, smooth and clean lines are the masters. The modern design eliminates even the elegant elements from the interiors, to seek an extreme care of simplicity, creating a comfortable and silent atmosphere, with few objects (carefully chosen) highlighted.


Eco-friendly modern style

The modern rhymes with a sustainable model, which uses as many natural and eco-sustainable materials as possible for interior decoration. Bamboo, stones and plants are very common in modern homes. Naturalistic-style wallpapers can be present as substitutes for wooden panels, which give coherence and balance within the environment.

The colors chosen with extreme care

What colors to choose for the modern style

The choice of colors is always a challenge in any style, but in the lean modern design it plays a role of fundamental importance. Modern homes are often painted and decorated in neutral tones, such as white, black, gray and beige, to achieve a simple and clean look. Despite this, the most ambitious designers try to combine neutral colors with some fresher and brighter colors, such as those proposed by Pantone for 2021 or the suggestive combinations of the Behr house. These colors must be selected with extreme care and are used for details and finishes, in order to integrate perfectly with the project.

Other key elements of the modern style

What are the key elements of the modern style

Those described above are certainly the fundamental elements, but there are obviously many other aspects that distinguish the modern style, such as:

  • Absence of ornaments;
  • Intentional asymmetry;
  • Obsessive order, which leaves no room for disorder and chaos;
  • Rugs with geometric motifs or plain colors;
  • Furniture with clean lines and essential shapes, often made with materials such as metal or glass;
  • Art elements, such as the famous Bimago modern paintings.

Considering what we have said so far, it is no coincidence that modern interior designers are often described as very elegant.

This happens because even those who prefer other styles cannot deny that the love and creative skills for mono or bicolour palettes, combined with very simple designs with hard corners and super clean and sharp lines, represent a heritage of interior design. modern, which transforms homes into peaceful oases, where the disorder and chaos of the outside world is banished to enhance the sacredness of the home


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