the best slow cooker -Crock-Pot-

The Crock-Pot They were the first electric slow cookers to be launched on the market – the Americans being the pioneers of this appliance – and they have become synonymous with slow cooking.

Slow cooking at a low temperature guarantees results difficult to achieve with other cooking methods, pallowing to enhance the flavor, texture and aroma of food, as in traditional cuisine and also saving time and a lot of money.

The textures achieved, a success

Depending on the models, you can find the function of Keep Warm or Keep Warm, applied to food after cooking to keep it at optimum temperature. Keep in mind that this function continues to cook food, although to a lesser extent, so its use is only recommended for a short period of time.

Slow cooking at a low temperature allows all juices from meats and vegetables retain their flavor and high nutritional content, guaranteeing success with textures and flavors difficult to achieve with other cooking methods.

Duraceramic CSC026X


€ 97.65

Crock-Pot SCCPBPP605-050


€ 79.00

CSC012X AutoStir


€ 126.52

Multicooker Express pot


€ 103.00

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