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All about the corner walk-in closet, our complete guide with lots of tips.

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All the fault of Mister Big, who surprised Carrie with an amazing corner walk-in closet, full of shoes, rather than with an inflated loner.

Corner walk-in closet: elegant and very practical

It is true that a diamond is forever, a symbol of imperishable love, but a gateway to one’s fashion corner is a dream.

A dream, the walk-in closet, which today has become a reality, no longer a luxury for a select few, but a solution, an alternative to the classic wardrobe, very popular, thanks to the inclusion in the market of proposals low cost.

The shapes

If a tight budget is no longer an insurmountable obstacle, as we put it with regard to bedrooms with small size and from problematic form? Simple, let’s put it at the corner, in every sense, not just metaphorical.

A corner walk-in closet, in fact, it does not occupy, as usually, a sort of mini room, but only a portion of an environment.

It is distinguished by a well exploitable triangular shape obtained, with the help of drywall, of masonry parts or wooden panels, in the space between two walls orthogonal to each other.

The measures of a corner walk-in closet

If you want to equip both walls, they will have to be minimum 2 meters high (but 2.50 is better) e at least 2.15 meters long: otherwise it is preferable to opt for the insertion of shelves and clothes rail in one, in order to be able to take advantage of the space needed to perform routine movements.

This solution is particularly suitable in the case of large bedrooms, but which, for aesthetic or structural reasons, cannot be divided into two distinct areas.

Outwardly you will see simple hinged doors, the most suitable, for this type of cabin, similar to those of a common wardrobe, only slightly thicker. These doors are fixed to special frames, usually with a maximum width of 70-75 centimeters and equipped with dust seals, which, periodically, as they are subject to wear, need to be replaced.

Inside, however, the wonderful surprise will be hidden: you can, in fact, give life to one well organized, functional area is responsive to your needs. You will strive to insert corner shelves, drawers, compartments and sticks, assembling such equipment on boiserie, by means of racks, or on aluminum uprights.

Lighting for a corner walk-in closet

Regarding thelighting, it must make it possible to identify, in a simple and immediate way, each object. If the booth is large enough, it will be perfect to insert a ceiling light in the center of the booth, while, near the shelves or inside them, it will be convenient to install some directional spotlights, to be oriented according to need.

And now? Now you have it all:

  • an aesthetically original bedroom and, at the same time, cleverly exploited to the centimeter
  • a corner walk-in closet in which to store your clothes in an orderly manner, so as to optimize times, avoiding the frantic search for the London smoke-colored scarf in a drawer crammed with accessories;
  • a area to dress in without creating confusion in the rest of the environment, as if a cyclone had hit, relentless, engulfing your home, just before you leave for a party.

What are you missing? Carrie’s assortment of fashion pieces, perhaps. But you are already well underway!

Corner walk-in closet ikea

The Swedish house has a modular solution of walk-in closets that also cover the needs of corner spaces, it’s called Pax and we talked about it in this in-depth study: Pax Planner Ikea

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