Practical guide to reforming your home

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Before asking for estimates you must know what finishes you want. An interior designer can help you with the quality-price tandem, and it is advisable to sign a construction contract that specifies the budget for the reform and the deadlines.

Floor and wall tiles

Ideally, when choosing floors and wall tiles, you should have time to look for materials on offer or on sale (if they are from other seasons). You should avoid getting carried away by the most radical options, which tend to be more ephemeral and you may get tired before them.

Dare to say no

If when they start working on the reform something displeases you, it is better to say so than to regret it later. However, you will have to assume the economic and technical consequences that these changes will cause.

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Free Refurbishment Calculator

Before you get into flour, you have to know in advance what budget you have. It will help you to use a free refurbishment calculator to find out the final price. Many refurbishment websites include it.
Once you have it, contact professionals and ask for several quotes. The OCU advises to ask for at least three to compare.

One company for reform

Electricians, plumbers, painters… It is advisable to choose a single comprehensive company that brings everyone together. The coordination between them will be better and the price, more adjusted.

General plan for the reform

If you need to extend the room or build a dressing room by removing walls, you should ask the president of the community or the administrator for a real plan of the building. This way you will know if the house has suffered important modifications after the initial project.
Another option is to ask an architect to do a floor plan survey. This way you will know which pillars or walls can be pulled, as well as the layout of the pipes and whether or not the redistribution can be done without problems.

Paint company websites

If you’re going to paint the walls and don’t know which shade to choose, the paint companies’ websites offer colour simulators that allow you to experiment until you find the right one.

Actual needs of residents

Renovate the facilities, pull down partitions, change doors and windows… Before undertaking any work, it is advisable to think about the real needs of the residents. Write them down and let the professional know so that he can offer you specific solutions.

Renewal plans

If you are going to change doors, windows, boilers, electrical appliances… find out about the renewal plans of your autonomous community. Depending on where you live, there are different types of aid and subsidies, especially if you focus your home renovation on energy saving, security or building renovation.

Permits for reform

Most of the reforms of the house need permits from the city council. Find out first. If you are going to install awnings, air conditioning or do any work that affects the front of the building, in addition to applying for the appropriate licence, you should inform the residents’ association.

Lighting planning

Planning the lighting is essential. If the electrical installation is to be changed, several factors have to be taken into account: the surface area of each room, the location of windows and doors and determining the use to which it is to be put.

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