Practical guide to reform the kitchen

If you need a more functional, modern and efficient kitchen, it will be good for you to know this practical guide with tips and ideas to make the reform a success. Functional distribution, efficient appliances, cabinets and drawers in order, countertops, utensils, lighting … Discover what today’s kitchens are like and copy their ideas.


Plan to avoid surprises

Plumbing, gas, electricity … all the facilities must be adapted to the new kitchen and its distribution. And if you have a desktop or wall TV, and also a breakfast bar and informal meals, you will have to take them into account for the electrical installation, right? This is how it was done in this kitchen, with interior design by Nau Décor.
Illumination: designed for all activities carried out in today’s kitchen: cooking, reading, connecting to the Internet, watching television, doing homework … and dividing the light points into phases to avoid simultaneous lighting. In kitchens with two entrances, install switches to be able to turn on / off from anywhere. On plan, indicate lights, plugs, switches, switches, etc.
Gas: always installed by authorized professionals to avoid supply problems and leaks / accidents.
Plumbing: prior planning, which takes into account the location of all electrical appliances connected to the network. It should include a sink and dishwasher, but also a washing machine and refrigerator with ice / water dispenser.


Hide or show …

Open or closed storage what a great dilemma! Do you want a kitchen where everything is hidden inside the cabinets or do you like shelves? The first option conveys a sense of more order because only the doors are visible. The second requires being rigorous with the order, but avoids having to constantly open doors and drawers to access the utensils, and then put them away. In most kitchens, high and low cabinets are combined, taking advantage of the walls with shelves and bars with hooks and multiple supports for utensils.


Maxi drawers, always in order

Taking advantage of the inside of cabinets, drawers and drawers is essential to streamline the culinary tasks of the daily menu, but also when something special is going to be prepared and the most epicurean chefs need to find the right ones. gadgets appropriate without wasting time.
The trend now is maxi drawers / drawers with 80-90-100 cm width … The highest for cutlery, knives …, the intermediate and lower ones, are usually for kitchenware, pans, tables, etc., but there are also others with a specific distribution for spices, preserves … It would be unforgivable to open them and see that chaos reigns within him, when there are solutions for everything.


Modular plates

It is convenient to know all the options to equip / adjust the cooking zone to personal needs and tastes, because there is a great variety of solutions. It is no longer necessary to choose between gas burners or vitroceramic or induction hobs. Now you can install combined gas / vitro plates and complete with barbecue plates, grill, wok, teppanyaki, deep fryer …


Small appliances

Food processor, coffee maker, toaster, juicer, fondue… all these small appliances need a place in the kitchen with easy access, and also, plugs. When planning a kitchen, they should never be forgotten because comfort is at stake when making a coffee, preparing a toast or using the multifunction robot. In this kitchen, renovated by the architect, Laura Martín-Escanciano, the front of the cabinets is interrupted with a piece of furniture designed to place small electrical appliances.


Efficient appliances consume less energy and water!

Refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, hob … If you have to renew the electrical appliances, you have to look at a label that is not the price tag. This is the energy efficiency / classification label. The most efficient appliances, the ones that consume the least energy and water, are always A +, A ++ and A +++. Take advantage of sales and Renove plans for appliances, and make your kitchen more green and saving with them. Ah! Experts say that it is always better to place the refrigerator away from heat sources, such as ovens, ceramic hob, heating or near a window with a lot of direct sunlight …
In this kitchen renovated by Ángela Sanz, from MA + uno, the refrigerator is far from the window and a short distance from the office.


More meters to be more comfortable

To highlight in this kitchen, with the interior design of the Espais Balmes Studio: the visual connection between the cooking zone and the office.

If the kitchen is reformed with the idea of ​​turning it into a daily gathering place for the family, it is worth expanding it a few meters, whenever possible. Could the clothesline win? Move the partition that separates it from the guest room / living room a bit? Put a sliding door? Glazing the mini terrace that it has and which is now a mixed bag? Opening the kitchen to the hallway?

Lifestyle is the key to projecting the kitchen as the center of the house, as a meeting place as important as the living room, or as a space where only meals are prepared.


Paneled appliances

Years ago, appliances were hardly paneled. Its doors were seen as is, nobody considered hiding them. Nevertheless, many modern kitchens are committed to concealing the presence of electrical appliances to make them look like another closet, especially in the case of dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. In short, with its paneled doors, it is about creating impeccable fronts, especially in kitchens open to the living room, but it is also an option that is demanded in independent kitchens.


Column ovens

Something as simple as placing the oven higher, and not under the vitro, allows you to contemplate many more options in the distribution of storage furniture and other electrical appliances. It is increasingly common to install the oven and microwave in the same column, vertically, or together on the same horizontal; In both cases, both are at eye level and accessing them has to be easy … In this option, they also have the top next to it, which is a great help to support the hot trays.
Additional advantage of placing the oven at half height: compared to low ovens that were previously always placed under the gas or vitro hob, there is no need to bend over, and the lower space can be used to place baking dishes, pans, molds pastry, etc.

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