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new models of sliding doors

Here are our tips for choosing the best sliding doors based on the style of the house and your space needs.

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  • 1 How they work
  • 2 Sliding doors: practicality and design
  • 3 Sliding doors outside the wall
  • 4 retractable sliding doors
  • 5 The choice of materials
  • 6 Prices of sliding doors

    • 6.1 Design doors: examples
    • 6.2 Graphis
    • 6.3 Sailing
    • 6.4 Albed
    • 6.5 Laura Meroni
    • 6.6 Silvelox
  • 7 Other ideas for doors and windows in the house

This type of movable doors represent the best solution for those who have to deal with space problems between the different rooms and must therefore research and prefer leafless solutions.

If you are thinking of home refurbishing, this can be a good opportunity to evaluate the insertion of these doors.

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How do they work

In general, they are elements created to satisfy the volume requirements that a normal swing door often requires.

Their aesthetic often approaches the essential taste, but thanks to proposals by multiple finish existing on the market, today it is possible to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Sliding doors take advantage of a mechanism that causes the opening section to slide flush with the wall, by inserting specials tracks.

These are simple mechanisms, which also give an effective aesthetic in optically enlarging the rooms of the home.

How to choose the best sliding doors to save space

Sliding doors: practicality and design

They help safeguard the space and allow the inhabitants to proceed with one best and more effective definition furniture.

  • In fact, these doors slide inside a subframe and therefore do not implement an external encumbrance.
  • Many times the introduction of the subframe could be impossible for this reason solutions of furniture are becoming more and more creative.
  • Today they are increasingly contained in volumes and able to install even the radiators overall of the door.

Let’s now see the most important types of sliding doors.

External wall sliding doors

It’s more classic doors and the simpler ones from the point of view of installation as they do not require masonry work to support them.

  • I’m very scenographic, as the subframe it is external to the wall and can also consist of a binary metallic.

Example of external wall doors

On the market we can find different types of interior sliding doors.

  • Solutions can start with contained proposals, which boast measures of 70, 80 or 90 cm. We also find doors from the measures and from the scenographic proportions, wide up to 2.40 meters. Generally they are used to divide and separate the main rooms of the house.
  • The introduction of the solutions indoor may affect the areas key of the House. They also prove to be particularly useful in the definition of spaces which by their nature they are contents in size.
  • It is about the closets or cabins wardrobe, portions of inhabited areas where a swing door could be cumbersome.
  • The interior doors can be made with panels blind, then completely closed, or with panels open, which include glass plates inserted into the frame.
  • This second solution is preferred by those who have to deal with a low light condition, because it is able to create gods wells of light.

Retractable sliding doors

The retractable doors, as the name suggests, once opened they are not visible.

  • I’m hidden in the wall, or pinned in cracks purposely built within the same walls. In this case we are dealing with “casket” doors, from the name of the company that designed them.
  • The pocket sliding door requires a masonry work and therefore has a cost of installation higher than doors outside the wall.
  • As for the shape, they can be equipped with frames or submit one minimal aesthetic flush with the wall, or disappear in the external wall giving a nice essential effect to the rooms where they are introduced.

Example of a retractable sliding door

Even the handles may be of different invoice, however the most common choice is based oninsert sockets which increase its minimal appearance and also its functionality.

These doors can be equipped with more or less classic handles, systems of interlocking opening, but also of simple ones metal elements which facilitate opening and closing.

The choice of materials

As for the materials of realization, in commerce they meet sliding doors of many types.

  • In the environments industrial or rustic the use of metals heavy and of woods massive.
  • In the proposals of furniture modern is minimal they exploit metals light, plastics new generation e thicknesses minimum.
  • There are really various materials that can be used, but this type of door so light basically requires to be associated with a consistent use of materials. In fact, it is essential not to require too much effort during the opening and closing operations.

The best furniture doors for the home can also be equipped with door lock and made in special versions, so how armored doors or firebreak.

The former are ideal for inputs, while the latter to be positioned in the areas where they exist boilers or special heating systems.

Sliding door prices

Provide you with a average price it’s not that simple.

  • It depends a lot on the type of material chosen, on the model, whether external to the wall or concealed, on the installation.
  • As a guideline, we start from the solutions Leroy Merlin at the cost of some hundred euros, until you get to thousands of euros in case of solutions implemented tailored.

Design doors: examples

Let’s now discover some of the most interesting design furniture door solutions:


A real door system marketed by Rimadesio.

  • In aluminum profile, is equipped with a silent and dust-proof sliding mechanism. There are various standard measures but it can also be performed tailored.
  • Many door finishes, from essence glass.

Rimadesio Graphis system

You can find out here the rest of the Rimadesio catalog and the history of this prestigious brand.


Also there security door it can become smooth.

  • Model “Sailing” of the Synua series, proposed by oikos, is characterized by the possibility of using the same wall cladding.
  • These characteristics, unusual for an armored door, allow it to be inserted also internally, to protect rooms or vaults.

Vela sliding door by oikos


Bet on transparency of the glass full-height for real sliding wings.

  • He developed the product “View”To close both walk-in closets and rooms. It also lends itself to act as a wall in a room and not just as an opening.

Glass wall View of Albed

Laura Meroni

the brand suitable for those who want high-quality sliding doors craftsmanship, but of industrial production.

  • The care of details constructive and the finish accurate make it a product elegant and suitable for any environment.
  • The model bd16s it is the finest example of this.

Bd16s by Laura Meroni: a detail of the finish


Model “Dominates” of Silvelox instead it is perfect for any environment and style.

  • Thanks to the wide range of finishes, they manage to “camouflage” the door even in the presence of difficult situations.
  • In addition, the track is retractable: the sliding mechanism is hidden directly in the door, allowing flexibility in fixing the door to the floor or ceiling.

Domina model from the Skin series by Silvelox

Other ideas for doors and windows of the house

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