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How to design a children’s room

How to design a children’s room: the world of bespoke bedroom design offers many possibilities aimed at the satisfaction of every child. Here’s what needs to be taken into consideration.

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  • 1 Child-friendly
  • 2 What a perfect bedroom must have
  • 3 How to design a children’s room: the most important factors

    • 3.1 Age
    • 3.2 Baby rooms
    • 3.3 Girls’ bedrooms
    • 3.4 Boys’ bedrooms
    • 3.5 Two children close in age
    • 3.6 Two distant children of distant ages
    • 3.7 A teenager’s room
  • 4 If there is no space: bridge bed or mezzanine
  • 5 Space-saving containers
  • 6 Led light: easy to install and spectacular
  • 7 Bookcase behind the bed

    • 7.1 The steps hide a wardrobe
  • 8 Choose the color of the bedroom
  • 9 Some apps for decorating the bedroom


Once the children’s room was a simple bedroom, nothing distinguished it from the mood of the rest of the house.

Today the world of bedrooms is a real segment of the interior design sector that knows no crisis and the only thing the family does not give up is a child-friendly bedroom!

The designer’s primary objective is to create the room suited to the child’s personality: you have to recreate a small world where the child can find himself, where he can grow up, invite his friends, study with every comfort.

In short, a room suitable for their age and that can last a long time.

What a perfect bedroom must have

The perfect project is the one that meets the needs of those who live in it and that optimizes the distribution of space.
This is the place in the house where our children spend the most time and therefore it has to be welcoming and reflects their individuality.

The bedroom is almost always also the space dedicated to homework: how can, for example, combine the play area with that of homework?

The important thing is to separate the relaxation area from the study area. The space dedicated to schoolwork must have a desk with a width of 80/90 cm possibly placed near the window or door window for more light.

The market today offers various solutions that take into account the needs of both small children and adolescents.

More and more the demand is that of a solution that can be suitable for all ages (so as not to have to repeat the shopping several times).

The choice of blue for a little boy’s bedroom.

How to design a children’s room: the most important factors

First of all, some factors must be considered:

The age

Obviously, the age of the child affects the decorations: bright colors are used when it comes to children, while for teenagers or boys we go to neutral colors that do not tire because we try to create a room that lasts longer.

Baby rooms

The first months, the room will mostly serve to house only everything necessary for the care of the little one: accessories and storage furniture, as well as colors, are the most important points in the design of a bedroom for a newborn.

Light shades are the most suitable while the furniture must be designed to avoid any type of accident and remember that this is a room that will be modified in a short time.

Bedrooms for females

The girls are oriented to delicate pastel colors. The pink it is very popular, but there are many girls who like other colors like green or orange, or prefer a sky painted on the ceiling. Many girls love photos and posters, boys a little less.

Boys’ bedrooms

Children like adventures, monsters, legos or their favorite sports: everything brings back strength and energy.

The colors are therefore more vigorous: they usually love blue or green. The flag of your favorite football team or a basketball hoop above the goal is almost never missing. You need space to play: it is good to leave a free area in the middle of the room.

Two children close in age

In this case they can share spaces without problems: however, you have to deal with the room’s measurements. A single bed usually measuresto 90 × 200 cm.

If there is not enough space on the market there are various solutions such as pull-out beds, raised beds, with containing stairs and raised platforms, with desks under the raised beds.

Or the always useful bunk system: in modern bedrooms, the lower bed becomes a small sofa during the day to receive friends.

Two distant children of distant ages

In this case, distinct spaces are needed: the ideal is to create a system a mezzanine (but you need the ceiling of adequate height).

The big one will sleep in the bottom bed and will have the study area and a double height wardrobe available. The little one in his loft bed, as if it were his hiding place to hide the games.

A teenager’s room

If the children of the house are no longer children, there will be a need to adapt their bedroom to their new tastes and needs.

Preferably, the room will be divided into two distinct areas: a sleeping area and one for homework, with a desk, lockers and shelves.

While toys are the protagonists of the room during the early years, adolescence wants space for clothes, bags, shoes.

You need a lot of space for accessories, for example for sports, a desk that can also be used by two but especially if you have sons, the ideal is a double bed to make them comfortable.

How to design a children’s room: the room for a baby.

If there is no space: bridge bed or mezzanine

Faced with the need to optimize space because the number of children increases, they become of great help i furnishings bridge, which give the possibility to have both i bunk beds both capacious wardrobes, and offer the way to have a lot of free space, which can be used by children to play freely with their games.

It is also good that gods are present drawers under the beds, so as to be able to insert blankets, sheets and pillows inside them and gain more space in the closets, which will be used in another way.

How to design a children’s bedroom: a teenager’s bedroom with a queen-size bed.

Containers save space

If there is no space, use i space-saving plastic containers that may contain our children’s games, books or sports equipment.

In this way, we will be able to ensure that the same games are not accumulated in the corners of the bedroom or even thrown in the center.

It is also advisable to use plastic containers, even in the closets, so as not to have the clothes of the seasonal changes, scattered around the house or in the bedroom.

To optimize space, it is also recommended to use furniture that is high up to the ceiling, in such a way as to be able to divide the interior space with various shelves and therefore make full use of it.

How to design a children’s bedroom: a solution that optimizes space.

Led light: easy to install and spectacular

The Led lights they help to create very beautiful scenographic effects, especially if applied, for example, on shelves or cupboards.

They are easy to install because they are already on the market in the shape of a roll to be cut to the extent needed: they are adhesive, therefore simple to apply.

How to design a children’s bedroom: led lights

Furthermore, as with the spotlights, you can choose to have warm or cold, white or colored light.

Bookcase behind the bed

Transform the headboard of your bed into a small study corner by obtaining compartments and shelves in the cabinet behind the bed to use for your books.

Choose a front opening because the panel with which the space is closed, once opened, could become a support surface for the PC.

The steps hide a wardrobe

The steps of the ladder that lead to the bedroom, if obtained in the loft, or those of the bunk bed can turn out to be useful drawers.

For this solution to be truly functional, it is ideal that the riser of the steps is high enough to allow you to build in a pull-out drawer from 30 to 50 centimeters in height.

Choose the color of the bedroom

How to design a children’s room: the color orange

The last step will be the one relating to the color of your bedroom. The tone of the furniture and walls must reflect the various functions of the room and above all it must please your children.

There are colors that help the rest like blue, with all the variations it has, it will be ideal for creating a serene environment, creating a fresh mood and directly affecting the psychophysical well-being of the subjects.

There are colors that help the concentration as the yellow and green, there are colors that encourage game like red andOrange.

White, on the other hand, can be used for small spaces, as it gives lightness, helping to give the impression of an even larger room and also instills serenity.

How to design a children’s bedroom: also suitable to last over time

Some apps to decorate the bedroom

Just type the words bedroom design app into a search engine and a world opens up.

You will find a great offer free drawing applications and programs which allows each of us, even if not particularly creative, to independently design the children’s bedroom.

You can surely have fun trying to come up with something. In some sites it is sufficient to insert the seedling to have some beautiful …


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