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There are so many kinds of mats as the tastes of their owners. In fact, it is the decoration item that best shows the personality of those who live in that home. However, sometimes we focus so much on knowing how to give the best welcome to our guests that we forget its true function, to maintain our clean house.

The mats are capable of filtering and preventing the dirt we carry in our shoes from entering the house. But in addition to the dirt, leaves and debris that we can find in the street, the soles of our shoes contain many more things than you can imagine. So, now that the new normality has made us more extreme hygiene and prevention measuresBoth inside and outside our home, a very special type of mat has acquired a leading role in our daily lives. We are talking about the disinfectant mat.

You have probably seen it in many shops, but more and more people have chosen to place one in the entrance of their homes to make them a space free of bacteria and germs. But what’s so special about disinfectant mat?

How it works

The operation of the disinfectant mat it’s quite simple. It is divided into two parts, a first part in which a disinfectant liquid is added and, once the shoes are impregnated with it, you have to move on to the other part where they dry and all kinds of bacteria and germs that they may have are eliminated. Although the methodology is the same for all, there are several types that differ in their characteristics.

Types of disinfectant mats

With side support


Disinfectant entrance mat


19,99 €

This model has an insulating latex sheet that prevents the disinfectant from evaporating. It also comes with two adhesive side strips that, in addition to indicating what you have to do to clean your shoes, keep the mat attached to the floor.

In two colors


Disinfectant Mat + Sanitizing Cleaner


39,99 €

Included in the pack are two rugs, in different colours so as not to create confusion, and two bottles of bleach-free hygienic cleaner. Like the previous one, it also has incorporated vinyl strips to hold the mats to the floor.



Disinfectant mat 80×40


29,99 €

This disinfectant mat is made from recycled, non-slip materials so that it does not slip with every use.

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