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All about the walk-in closet, many practical tips to help you choose this solution

The walk-in closet is a very useful and special solution for the home as it helps us to accommodate our garments clothing, our footwear and ours accessories. Here is our complete guide.

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  • 1 Ideal for large houses but also suitable for small spaces
  • 2 General tips

    • 2.1 Order First of All
    • 2.2 The Extra Touches That Make the Difference
  • 3 Walk-in closet in plasterboard
  • 4 Corner walk-in wardrobes
  • 5 The choice of lighting
  • 6 The prices of a walk-in closet
  • 7 Solutions for large spaces
  • 8 Solutions for small bedrooms
  • 9 Ikea walk-in closet
  • 10 Other tips for storing your clothes

Ideal for large houses but also suitable for small spaces

Larger and more spacious homes often have rooms used for this purpose, while smaller living spaces must intelligently exploit the available volumes.

The desire for a walk-in closet has been instilled in most women by watching Sex and the City, as well as a series of other films and shows that give us small visions of fabulous Hollywood walk-in closets.

This guide of ours is dedicated to those who intend to adopt this solution and need some advice to fix it in the best way.

Here are our practical tips in this quick guide.

General advice

By following our suggestions you will effortlessly obtain a rational solution.

Order First of All

It may sound strange, but the worst enemy of the walk-in closet is clutter:

  • just like that, due to the abundance of space we tend to expand more and more and to accumulate clothes and accessories in a chaotic way, ending up not understanding anything anymore.

This is why it is necessary that everything is well organized right from the start and that everything has a specific place.

In this way, even when you are in a hurry you will not struggle to find what you are looking for and order will not be a problem.

Find a home for every smallest accessory:

  • use rectangular boxes with compartments for belts and accessories
  • keep bijoux and jewels in their cases or in some designer bowls
  • put your shoes in plain sight on the shelves, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them in their boxes.
  • Divide the clothes according to their use and season, and then further divide the categories by color.

A good solution uses all the available space, especially the height:

  • installing extra shelves is always convenient,
  • it will be enough to equip yourself with a ladder or a clothes rail to reach the top without any problem.

The Extra Touches That Make the Difference

  • One full length mirror it will be perfect to accompany the moment of preparation in the best way.
  • A great soft carpet it will allow you to walk barefoot in the walk-in closet even when the temperature is cold and the floor is freezing. Plus it will add a touch of glamor ..
  • Of the wallpaper particular and the paintings that you like will complete the work, creating an artistic and personal space that will put you in a good mood every time you enter it.

Walk-in closet in plasterboard

A very practical solution is to model your cabin with plasterboard walls to make it truly flexible and suitable for your environments.

Here are our advice on drywall cabinets and in general on the pros and cons of plasterboard

Corner walk-in wardrobes

Here is a detailed study on this specific type with many recommended solutions and models.

The choice of lighting

Even the plant of lighting it is essential, as it ensures excellent visibility during operations.

Lighting must concern both the environment as a whole and provide intelligent ones light points, positioned on the cabinets and on some key points of the mirrors.

A good lighting will change the face of the walk-in closet:

  • yes to light points on the ceiling, particular chandeliers and wall lamps
  • no to bulky floor lamps.

Here are also all our tips on how to illuminate your walk-in closets.

The prices of a walk-in closet

The cost varies according to the material chosen and the dimensions. Let’s take plasterboard as a reference.

In principle, here is an estimate of the costs to create a plasterboard walk-in closet of about three square meters.

  • Materials: it ranges from a minimum of 4.5 euros per square meter for a standard 12.5 mm thick plasterboard up to a maximum of about 15, 16 euros per square meter for anti-humidity plasterboard with a thickness of about 33 mm.
  • Labor and installation: changes from city to city and varies from a minimum of 40-45 euro square meter up to a maximum of 70, 80 euro square meter for more complex installations

the average cost therefore for a complete walk-in closet per square meter ranges from a minimum of 50 euros per square meter up to a maximum of about 90 euros per square meter, including materials and installation.

Here are the prices of some very practical low cost solutions also available online:

AVANTI TRENDSTORE – Colli – Spacious Corner Walk-in Closet in Sand Oak Laminate and White Color, Dimensions: Lap 147x198x133 cm

Price: € 633.30

SoBuy KLS04-W Modular Walk-in Closet for Corner Organization Wardrobe, Height: 200-270 cm

Price: € 71.95

UDEAR Closable Wardrobe Space Saving Cabin Non-Woven Wardrobe Hanger in Fabric with Zipper (Black)

Price: € 45.99

Solutions for large spaces

If you have a very large apartment it can be a room used only for the presence of the wardrobe, or completely dedicated to hosting and keeping clothes and accessories tidy.

Taking advantage of the entire perimeter of the room, the cabins wardrobe they are usually placed on the walls, giving life to wide-ranging solutions.

  • While one wall can accommodate summer items, the other can accommodate heavier items in one synergy of order and awareness.
  • Additional elements contain the shoes and keep them tidy. Like in a shop, all you have to do is open the door and choose what to wear, from head to toe.
  • To make the spaces even more functional, accessories such as scarves, hats and foulards are housed in special sections.
  • Every single dress and every accessory is positioned ‘at sight’, ready to be chosen and then worn.

Recommendable are at least a couple of armchairs, central or lateral, perfect for comfortably tying your shoes and for spending some important moments of meditation.

The environment is completed by a precious carpet and many mirrors, essential for gazing at the figure in any position.

for us women one of the most important things at home … of course this solution is truly splendid! a studio flat in practice 😉

The final result converts to spaces perfectly organized, where every element is enhanced and where every gesture becomes easy to put into practice, functional both for quick practices and for thoughtful choices of the most suitable look.

Solutions for small bedrooms

The dream is not reserved exclusively for those with a huge and very spacious bedroom.

Even those who have one small bedroomin fact, it can aspire to a respectable solution.

Walk-in wardrobes for bedrooms: with some practical tricks, even the smallest walk-in closet can help you store your clothes in the best possible way

Here are our furnishing tips for creating cabins for small bedrooms.

The tricks are simple:

  • space reduction
  • maximum optimization of the organization and the area for the wardrobe.

One way to create a walk-in closet in one reduced space it is certainly the use of curtains or dividers that divide the room and create a separate space for storing clothes.

  • Again the hooks and hangers will be very useful to provide more options and convenience.
  • When using the divider, of whatever type it may be, you can think of inserting one or more clothes hanger stands between the divider and the wall in order to completely eliminate the clutter of the wardrobe.
  • To have a walk-in closet “pro forma“, You can simply insert a curtain in front of the wardrobe, to be pulled on occasion to create a separate space.

You have at your disposal a cupboard?

This is the classic opportunity to create a reduced solution, using a cabinet with shelves for storing shoes and accessories and a series of coat rack solutions for hanging clothes.

L’cupboard it is convenient because, in addition to providing space for a walk-in closet, when the doors are closed everything disappears from view and the bedroom is more tidy than ever.

Ikea walk-in closet

The IKEA furniture brand, for example, offers a very interesting solution to create one in the bedroom using the PAX modular wardrobe as a room divider.

Advice: also discover our special on Ikea walk-in closets and Ikea curtains

The wardrobe is inserted about a meter away from the wall in a small to medium sized room, thus creating a small and effective walk-in closet for clothes, accessories and shoes.

A curtain has been inserted in place of the doors, in order to save space and avoid the encumbrance of the doors that open.

A set of hooks and wall hangers and sticks clothes hangers fixed to the opposite wall, they double the available space and make this solution ideal even for small spaces.

Here you can see the video of the cabin …


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