All about the round bed: sizes, advantages, disadvantages, prices and manufacturers

Widespread especially in America, the round bed is a classic of modern design that is tempting to many. Indeed it is of great scenic effect, however, the basic condition for having it is to have one very large room to be able to place it in the center. And, unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity!

If you love the genre, and you are considering the purchase of a round bed, read this guide in which we examine various aspects – including advantages and disadvantages – of this piece of furniture, yes modern, but also romantic.

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Round bed: models and types

Just like traditional beds, round beds are also available in different versions and types. Here are the main ones:

  • rotating or static
  • with container and without container
  • with and without headboard
  • in wood, leather or faux leather
  • which provide for the insertion of rectangular mattresses or exclusively circular mattresses


Since a round bed takes up more space compared to a traditional one, you must have a very large room available that can do it justice by highlighting in all its original beauty.

The standard measures are: width 260 cm and length 230 cm.

On the market there are also models with non-standard sizes, to satisfy every type of need and personal taste.

Round bed: advantages and disadvantages

Without a shadow of a doubt, a round bed is very beautiful to look at, it certainly makes a good impression! But its advantages are not limited to the hedonistic side, another advantage is the practicality with which it can be made and undone because there are no obstacles around.

Let’s now move on to the painful notes.

We have already talked about the space issue: you need a really very large room that can accommodate it comfortably.
Another purely practical aspect to consider is the bed sheets and all linen – the set for a round bed is quite difficult to find and, above all, has high costs.


The prices of a round bed basically depend on the manufacturer. In general we can give as an indicative figure, a starting base of around 2,000.00 euros.

To this figure we remind you to add an increased cost for mattresses and unconventional linens.

Round bed Manufacturing companies

Below is the list of manufacturers of round beds

  • Poltrona Frau
  • Presotto
  • The Carpenters
  • Gobbo Salotti
  • BolzanLetti
  • Twils
  • Ivano Redaelli
  • Val di Chienti
  • Elledue
  • Unique
  • Evve
  • IKEA
  • Maison du monde
  • Moroso
  • dwg


Lullaby Due Round Bed – Pelle Frau Leather

A bed designed by Luigi Massoni in 1967: original and unconventional design and top-level finishes.

Lullaby, which means lullaby, is a round, swivel bed. Scanned by visible stitching, the Lullaby Due headboard has a steel frame and molded polyurethane foam padding. The selling price is 11,000.00 euros.

Wide choice of round beds from, and also at affordable prices.

Here is our selection.

  • Whell: round corner bed. The shape of the peninsula makes it an ideal bed to be placed in a corner of the room. Starting from € 1,289.11

    Whell- round corner bed

  • Globe: cheap round bed. In fabric or imitation leather, with headboard or sommier without headboard. Starting from 678.37 euros

    Globe: economic bed with a round shape

  • Record: round padded bed available with or without headboard, covered in eco-leather fabric. Starting from 691.15 euros

Record: round upholstered bed

  • Soleil: round padded double bed ideal in the center of the room or in the corner. With reclining headboards or sommier with peninsulas. Starting from 2,948.94 euros.


If you want to get rid of the whim of a round-shaped bed but don’t want to spend a fortune, you can go to the site There are interesting offers, such as a bed complete with boxed and lozenge mattress with comfort fabric and air-conditioned padding. Mattress measures 220 cm x 220 cm. Bed with headboard and bed frame in solid wood covered with coupled polyurethane foam. Headboard and bed frame in the fabric version.

All this for € 1,850.00 instead of € 3,911.00

Other tips for decorating the bedroom

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