A bright farmhouse chic kitchen

Contemplate this style kitchen chic farmhouse it is synonymous with transporting us to one of those idyllic tales that take place in a country house, where happiness and peace are always present. The project, at the hands of the interior designer Leanne Ford, also included the reform of the dining room, living room and hall. All these areas were designed with an open concept that follows the same aesthetic line, dominated by white tones and natural wood, with marble and leather elements, as well as golden details. Let’s see it step by step! 😍

To give it the style chic farmhouse To the kitchen, Leanne chose to paint the walls and ceilings in white, including the beams and shelves. In this way, the light that enters through the various windows overlooking the countryside is multiplied. Wood was chosen for floors and furniture, the latter in a lighter shade. A perfect material to highlight the marble of the countertops.

chic farmhouse style kitchen decorated in white with wooden cabinets and marble countertops

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The central island of reclaimed wood constitutes the main element of the kitchen, the piece that provides all the character and essence vintage to this country house.

chic farmhouse style open kitchen

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As decorative complements, the interior designer added flowers and plants, and opted for a ceiling lamp type factory in white with a golden base.

chic farmhouse style kitchen with rustic sink and wood countertop

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At the end of the kitchen, the bench that acts as a seat in this nook for informal breakfasts and meals also includes storage space.

chic farmhouse style breakfast nook with wooden bench

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The dining room has a rustic and robust table, with chairs that alternate the white color of the table with the natural finish of the wood to create contrast. On the ceiling, a lamp mid-century with glass globes and golden structure.

farmhouse chic dining room with white wood table

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In the living room, the protagonist is the camel-colored leather sofa, a soft tone that harmonizes with the chromatic range chosen for the common areas. The stylish coffee table raw adds texture and warmth to the ensemble.

farmhouse chic living room with camel leather sofa and raw wood coffee table

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The old barn door that decorates the hall wall, it was kept with that aged look to remember the origins of the house as soon as you entered, while serving as a coat rack thanks to the hooks. At its feet, a modern-style decaling bench takes us back to the present time.

hallway decorated with old barn door and white shoe bench

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Project and information: Courtesy of Leanne Ford.

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