7 inspirations for unique environments of their kind

Ideas of modern dining tables of different materials, designs and sizes, to be chosen according to personal taste and the characteristics of the room where they are placed.


The table is a precious complement for a dining room, a kitchen or an open space. Buy a new one will allow you to update your interiors and to give it a totally renewed appearance.

But be careful to make the right choice because you have to carefully evaluate size, color and model. Here is a list with ours modern dining tables favorites, think for every need and aesthetic taste.


1. Rosewood with conical base

The table of our first proposal is made in solid wood. The beauty of this complement lies in its majestic appearance, but above all in the quality of the wood, a valuable variety of rosewood, resistant and durable.

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The veins of rosewood I’m characterized by beautiful shades ranging from light to dark in a harmonious way, clear in some parts.

With its design, this table becomes a truly extraordinary piece of furniture that enriches any home. In combination we find four matt black designer chairs with chrome finishes and a suspension element with arms in iron and brass.


2. Rectangular in wood and wrought iron

The second table we have selected is a rectangular model with oak top of handcrafted finish that shows all its natural veins.

Legs they are in powder-coated wrought iron in contrast with the nuances of the wood. The table is of industrial rustic inspiration and due to its large size it can accommodate up to eight diners.

In our case it was paired with a set of modern chairs in dark wood but it also works well with industrial style seats or with upholstered chairs to give it a different charm.

In the photo we see it inside a dining room but can be placed also in other environments such as a kitchen, a open space is even a meeting room.


3. Extendable in black marble

The next dining table is elegant and combines a minimal modern design with an industrial edge. It is a versatile piece of furniture, perfect for contemporary, industrial and modern spaces.

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The black marble top adds a more classic decorative element that does not compromise the modern aesthetic of the entire room.

The extendable model is ideal for small sizes who do not want to give up a dining area that comfortably accommodates four to six people.

In combination we find a set of wooden armchairs with open back, an unusual but very original combination.


4. Rectangular in ash

The ash wood table we’re about to show you integrates in a dining room where neutral tones predominate and warm, earthy colors like red and orange.

The legs appear to tilt slightly outwards creating a captivating visual effect. The overall look is clean and modern, the design sophisticated.

This table is there perfect synthesis of refinement, aesthetic impact and resistance. In this photo we find it combined with a set of chairs with a subtle and minimal design and placed on a large carpet made with natural fibers.

A contemporary chandelier in metal recalls the style and the material of the sessions.


5. Acacia wood and painted steel

The next table, juxtaposed with a set of leather armchairs, is a notable addition to the dining room thanks to its refined and modern aesthetics.

It is a fairly versatile element, that will look great in dining rooms modern, minimal and industrial.

The top is made of acacia wood, it is strong and very durable. The legs, thin in painted steel with a bronze finish at the ends, they add an industrial chic touch to the composition.

A great carpet with geometric patterns in black and white embellishes the scene.


6. Round stone and wood with conical base

The table in the following photo is a work created by craftsmanship. It is made in stone and wood, it is sturdy and durable.

Its cone-shaped base tapers as it approaches the support surface. The choice is ideal in a modern dining room to which you want give a more eclectic touch it’s particular.


7. Oval in polished white concrete

Our last table looks like a real sculpture. There modern silhouette is characterized from retro-chic inspirations.

The polished white concrete gives brightness to the room. Match it in contrast with dark metal chairs and the final effect will be remarkable.

Enhance the environment with framed artwork lean against the wall, with a fake parquet with a glossy look or mirrored and with a false ceiling embellished with recessed spotlights.


Modern dining tables: photos and pictures

Choosing the right table can transform the face of your dining room. If you are still unsure which model to choose, try taking a look at the tables we have selected in our photo gallery.


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