Original Home Wall Clocks – Interior and Exterior Decoration

In the world DIY (“do it yourself”) the options are endless. Today we’ll look at some ideas for creating a beautiful custom wall clocks. To get a different and personalized watch we can use one we have at home, although we can also recycle some old watches and use only the mechanism, discarding the rest. It is also possible to buy only the mechanism of the clock.

Original homemade wall clocks

The first option we love, and it’s made with the typical recycled cable drumswhich we have talked about on several occasions. It is a question of sanding the wood well, painting it, drawing the numbers on it and then varnishing it. This clock is ideal for rustic decorations.

Although the first option we like, the second gives us a whole world of possibilities. We can, for example, make watches from clothing and textiles. For example, take a lot of ties or shoes and arrange them around our pegs to create a nice, fully customized watch for our bedroom.

DIY watch with ties

Watch made with slippers

The crochet is also an option; we can always weave a colorful clock full of flowers and numbers for a children’s room.

Crochet clock

Our passions can also be reflected in the DIY watches. This way, bicycle lovers will be able to reuse some tires to get a nice watch. Even painters, with their palette of colours, have the perfect tapestry to create a DIY watch.

Clock made with bicycle rim

DIY watch made with painter's palette

Fabrics can be very helpful to us. All we need is a surface, round or square. Once we have it, we only have to cover it with a fabric that we like and we will have our clock ready.

Homemade watch made with fabric

Watch with cloth

Who said that the numbers on clocks should be arranged in a circle or, in some cases, a square? If we could get the numbers on some material, be it plastic, cardboard, or wall vinyl, we could make a beautiful clock where the numbers look “messy”, as we see in the picture:

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