How to embellish a laundry corner: 5 unique ideas

If you are wondering how to decorate a laundry corner at home, there are several ways to do it. We at Casa e Giardino are ready to offer you 5 creative ideas to do it. How about catching them on the fly? Be inspired and personalize the environment.


Not everyone in the house can enjoy large spaces in which to put everything they want, but behind every small space there are great opportunities, especially at home! A well-designed corner is enough to add beauty and functionality to the environment and architects, interior designers and furnishing enthusiasts in general know this very well. Today we put aside study corner and relaxation corner projects that have accompanied us in this year of new needs and proposals, let’s dive into a nice practical project: a laundry corner.

It doesn’t take much to make it happen: an ad hoc built-in wardrobe which inside contains a washing machine and shelves for detergents or raise a small plasterboard wall that hides a world of cleanliness behind it. Self you have your own laundry corner but you want to give character to this space, read some of our little suggestions. We are sure you will copy some ideas: let’s get started.

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Password: organization

Like any self-respecting project – meter in hand – let’s take the measurements of what we want to insert and the space we have available, let’s start leafing through catalogs and highlighting ideas. Our best ally is design, which offers us really interesting ideas.

In this space, everything must be well organized. The focus of our laundry corner will be the washing machine but no less are all the accessories that facilitate the task of washing, drying and ironing. Practical shelves cannot be missing on which to place our detergents, soaps and softeners as well as a space for the axis and an iron and a few hangers. Now we can start embellishing our corner with a pinch of creativity. Ideas? Read some of them.


1. Wallpaper to surprise

First of all, if the wall that acts as a background to our laundry corner is white, we opt for a nicer wallpaper with themed designs or symbols reminiscent of a real laundry. It is the simplest but also the most immediate way, in addition to traditional painting of course, to change the appearance of your room in a few steps.

Choose soft shades with a few hints of bright color: the wall will become a really interesting focal point. Let’s move on to the second creative proposal.


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2. Written in wood

If your laundry corner is well organized, you will surely have a highly functional wall. This results in an optimization of space with shelves full height: how about embellishing them with some useful objects and others purely aesthetic?

We at Casa e Giardino have thought of a rustic wooden writing of those a little vintage that know of past stories. A laundry written in wood or engraved on it is just waiting to make a good show in your laundry room.


3. Vinyl stickers

If you preferred to keep a white wall to give a sense of uniformity and coherence with the other environments: how about giving a boost of energy with some creative ideas? Don’t miss your walls with paintings, posters or vinyl stickers. Small washing, drying and ironing tips in pictures to keep in mind the good rules of a laundry.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

Lively, fun, inexpensive and easy to apply. There are several ideas that you can find around the net: laundry written with a thousand blue bubbles but the most popular are the stylized ones with a black profile that enhance your wall.


4. Some baskets

To keep your laundry tidy and not find mismatched socks around the house what you need is a laundry basket. The market offers several models: from the simplest and most linear to those with an attractive design that wink at new solutions.

White, colored, in natural shades and in multiple materials: plastic, fabric or wicker and bamboo. Follow the style you love and make your choice. Always check the size and, if you have very little space, prefer folding solutions, letting you advise those who bought them before you. Add an extra touch of practicality! We come to the last tip.


5. Green touch

If you love the environment and don’t miss the opportunity to let yourself be surrounded by the green of the plants, this laundry corner also offers a great opportunity. Create a dynamic, living wall by inserting some moisture-loving plants and from which delicate perfumed flowers bloom.

We suggest you not to miss:

  • small fat plants
  • there sansevieria which helps you clean the air
  • rubber tree: super-resistant and with great benefits.

how-to-choose-plant-saucer-balcony 6

How to embellish a laundry corner: photos and images

If with us you have finally found how to embellish a laundry corner and get out of anonymity, you just have to copy some of the ideas we have proposed to make it unique. Let yourself be surprised by other truly sparkling proposals that we have included for you in the gallery of images below. Let’s browse it together.


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