Discover the most suitable types of windows for your home

Windows provide natural light, allow ventilation of the house and protect us from external agents. They isolate from noise and outside temperatures, as well as ensuring security in the home. Choosing between window types can be a complicated task. You must know the characteristics of each of them to make the right decision.

Essential window performance

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From a construction point of view, a window is an element that serves to close a gap in the façade. It has to meet certain requirements: it must allow the vision of the exterior, the ventilation of the house and it must allow natural lighting to pass through. In addition to these primary requirements, the windows must also be required to meet other important requirements.

  • They must protect the house from external noises. Protect ourselves of heat and cold.
  • They have to be waterproof. Do not allow the passage of infiltrations or rain.
  • Elements non-deformable, safe and firm. They must withstand the force of the wind well.
  • High durability. they should be required to have a useful life of 40 or 50 years.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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  • They are key pieces to achieve a energy conservation and a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Corrosion resistance during the passage of time. Resist the attack of external agents such as wind, rain and contaminating particles.
  • The aesthetics of windows is no less important. Must integrate perfectly into the style of the decoration of the house. So you must take into account the shape and color.
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Where to start when it comes to choosing the windows of your home?

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The exterior enclosures have two basic parts: profiling and glazing. Attention must be paid to each of them in order to achieve optimum isolation.

The material of the windows will depend to a great extent on the efficiency in achieving a greater acoustic and thermal insulation and level of security. The first thing to value is the location of the house. A house in a mountain area is not the same as a house in a coastal or inland area. It will also be necessary take into account the orientationsouth, north, east and west. It is important to take into account the environmental conditions and climate when choosing the material.

Aluminium windows: a new classic

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Aluminium windows have features that make them a suitable material for certain applications. It’s a… it’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a… It’s a…. It’s a… It’s a…. It’s a…. It’s a… Highly resistant and lightweight materialis maintained perfect outdoorsIt needs no maintenance and you can choose from a wide variety of finishes and colors. For constructions such as curtain walls is suitable because they are able to support all the weight of the crystals and without deforming by the pressure of the wind. You can distinguish between several types:

  • Aluminium metallic carpentry no thermal breakage. This type of carpentry there is no insulation so it produces the effect of very cold and wet frame in winter by contact with the outside. Its advantages include: they do not corrode over time, are lightweight and economical.

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  • Aluminium with thermal break that incorporate cameras inside that manage to prevent external agents from entering the interior of the house. They have a narrow profiles so there’s more glass surface. They perfect for large windows.

PVC windows: infallible insulators

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PVC is a material that has excellent qualities for metal joinery. It is composed of the chemical combination of hydrogen, carbon and chlorine called polyvinyl chloride. The main advantage of this material is that is not thermally and electrically conductive, so you get perfect isolation. Main advantages:

  • They offer a great isolation without the need for a thermal bridge.
  • It’s a material that very well muffles external noiseso it’s a very good acoustic insulator.
  • Does not rust or corrode and is lightweight. It also needs little maintenance.

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  • Presents a high impact resistance. It has a long life, although it does not cope well with extreme weather conditions (high humidity, sun, rain …)
  • Being a magnificent thermal insulator PVC windows are perfect for improving energy efficiency and achieving greater savings.

Wooden windows: elegance and comfort

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Wood is a material that brings warmth and an elegant and timeless aesthetics. It is also a good acoustic and thermal insulation. You’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of designs and finishes.

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It has some disadvantages: its high price because it is a natural material. You need a continuous and costly maintenanceThis is because wooden windows can deteriorate more easily than aluminium and PVC windows.


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Glass is a key piece in windows. It’s the responsible for achieving adequate isolation. The most recommended glasses are those of double glazingThese are composed of: one glass, air or gas chamber and another glass.

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What did you think of this guide to the types of windows you can find on the market? I hope it helps you to choose the windows that are right for your home.

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