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Create a DIY cabinet for brooms

Brooms and all other household cleaning tools or accessories could excessively clutter our personal space. So, a good idea is to make a completely DIY broom closet: find out how to make it by following our tips.

Create a DIY broom closet

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The tools and accessories used for cleaning at home, including brooms, may turn out very much bulky; if you do not have a special space in which to store them, your home may seem dirty and messy, although those elements are used to clean it. Luckily, However, There is a solution.

With a lot of good will and a great desire to do original jobs, it is possible to make up for it with a very creative project. It can indeed create one’s DIY broom closet, following a few simple rules.

Here are all the steps illustrated step by step to proceed in the best possible way and get to work giving life to something useful and also aesthetically pleasing, which will give the furniture an extra touch. Let’s find out together how to design everything without making a single mistake.

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Take measures

As with any creative work one of the first steps is obviously take measures. As for specifically, it will be enough precisely to measure the protagonist element of this space: once measured the broom bigger and highest, you can proceed bringing back a few more centimeters in height.

Create a DIY broom closet

The tools to use

To proceed better you need to procure various tools and accessories, all easy to find: you can find them in the toolbox and, failing that, in specialized shops. First of all they will serve hooks, hinges, screws is nails, but also the nailer, the glue and the meter.

You also need to make sure you have some sand paper, a drill it’s a sander. At this point you can begin the actual work.

Create a DIY broom closet

How to make a DIY broom closet

Creating a DIY broom closet will be relatively easy, it will be enough to commit only for a few days, perhaps carving out the space and time for a weekend.

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First of all the wood, being resistant and versatile, it will be the perfect material to give life to your new project (regardless of the type, which you can choose according to your preferences). You will need two pieces, one for the base and a smaller one for the sides.

The plywood it will then be cut in the way you see fit (it depends on the size you prefer for your closet) e it will be necessary also to achieve gods holes to assemble the various pieces.

Remember to wear protective goggles and gloves so as not to hurt yourself. By cutting and screwing you should find yourself with a sort of box, almost ready to contain your beloved brooms. Via the hinges then it will be necessary screw the door. Only after these steps will you be able to move on to the cabinet finishes.


The finishes

With the sander manual or with sandpaper you will have to smooth the entire surface. This step will be necessary in order to paint smoothly with a suitable brush and can of paint in the color of your choice. Subsequently it will then be possible too to decorate with stickers, stickers and stencils.

Regarding the handles, it could be a winning solution choose them with an essential and ergonomic design, with a touch of color to think not only of comfort but also of aesthetics.

The base, the handles and the doors: each piece of the broom closet can be embellished in many different ways. It will be up to you to choose what best matches the surrounding decor, obviously without forgetting your personal tastes.

Useful small spaces

The location of the DIY broom cabinet

Once the work is done, you need to think too where to insert the yours new creation. Positioning the DIY broom closet correctly will help to have a cleaner and tidier home environment, which is precisely why you started this job.

A winning idea is certainly to place it in the corners home hidden and often underestimated, but which are very useful for things of this kind (especially if they are found at the entrance, in the hallway or in the kitchen).

Create a DIY broom closet

The price and the expense to be faced

Generally, DIY jobs, precisely because they are created with your hands, are always inexpensive. Specifically, as far as the broom closet is concerned, you will only have to spend money on wood plywood if you already have all the tools and accessories in your toolbox.

The price is very variable because depends on the chosen material and the level of thickness you want. We can leave from a base of 5 € up to arrive to 25 €. In short, there is something for all budgets!

Create a DIY broom closet

Create a DIY broom closet: pictures and photos

In our photo gallery you can find other interesting ideas and original tips to easily create a DIY broom closet, in order to renew the cleanliness and order of the home environment.


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