Cactus with DIY lights easy and economical

Cactus with DIY lights easy and economical


The cactus and succulent boom is still going on like never before! In the shops of decorations we find infinity of objects that shine these beautiful pinchudos. Today’s idea is great and you’re going to love it!


In this case, I want to share this DIY idea super easy and economic, a nice luminous cactus to decorate a corner of your home, the bedroom or a birthday, why not?

You need few materials and you can easily get cardboard, two-colour paints of your choice, a brush, scissors and a garland of LED lights.

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Step by step to make a cactus with lights

First, draw the cactus you like on a piece of cardboard. The design and size will be of your choice. Do not worry if the drawing is not your strong because then you have to paint it and the marks will not be noticed.

Then cut out the outline and paint with brown spray paint or acrylic brush. Let dry and give a second coat.

With a punch or scissors, make holes in the cardboard to insert the lights. Ideally, lights should be counted to make the same number of holes.

Then brush with green paint to give a worn effect. To do this, take a dry brush and load a small amount of paint. Let dry well.

Finally, insert the lights into the holes. And it’s ready!… A beautiful decoration and very little expense, the ideal combination.


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