Adorable bunnies with wool pompoms

We are very close to Easter and this year’s gonna be a little bit special. We will not be able to share with the rest of the family a meeting like every year, but we can do activities to make this date as special as the previous ones, such as adorable bunnies made of wool pompoms.

This idea is good to give away on Easter Day together with a chocolate egg. You could also decorate the sweet table of a rabbit-themed party or give them away as souvenirs. Another option, and the nicest one, is to make them simply to give to the little ones of the house so that they can play and enjoy something made with a lot of love.

Step by step to make bunnies with wool pompoms

First, make 2 pompoms of different sizes, one larger for the body, one smaller for the head. The ones in the image are about 10 cm and 5 cm long. In the following link you will be able to see how to make wool pompoms.

Then tie the two pompons together to form the rabbit. You can make pompoms of the colours you like.

To make the ears, cut out pieces like the picture below. Two larger ones of the same body color and two smaller ones for the center of the ears. They can be made of felt, lenci cloth, eva rubber, etc. Then glue the lower end to shape the ear.

Attach the ears to the head with hot silicone glue, cold silicone glue or universal glue.

Make a small pompom for the rabbit’s tail. Stick it on the opposite side of the rabbit’s head.

To make the eyes, black beads are used. Sew them or stick them to the rabbit?s face. If your children are small, it is best to sew them to be more secure.

To make the whiskers, take transparent tanza and roll a few turns on a card.

Remove the tanza loops from the card, and tie them in the middle. Pass the bundle through a pink bead and glue it inside the bead.

Then cut off the ends and glue or sew on the rabbit’s face.

And that’s it! The bunny is now ready to play or give away!


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