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The Most Beautiful Design Bedside Tables for the Bedroom

Design elements that embellish the sleeping area, furnishing accessories that combine functionality and aesthetic appeal: we are talking about design bedside tables to show you our selection of objects that are as iconic as they are versatile.

Perfectly adaptable to any style of furniture, the bedside tables that we have chosen to present you as the most beautiful and particular you will find on the market are open to various contaminations and are made of precious materials with careful processing.


Famous design bedside tables

We begin to discover an evocative collection of out of the ordinary design bedside tables, furnishing accessories signed by famous designers who will embellish the bedroom with a touch of luxury and refinement. Here are our 10 choices for the sleeping area …

Frank model bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

Frank model design bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

It almost seems to take shape in a surreal world to materialize through high-quality luxury finishes… Frank is designed to perfectly blend aesthetics and practicality. Organized with four very large drawers, this bedside table is made of different materials: precious woods, including ebony, gold leaf, brass and translucent tempered glass.

Pixel model bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

Pixel model design bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

Boca Do Lobo provides its own interpretation of a technological future within the sleeping area and does so by signing a bedside table that takes the iconic name of Pixel. Halfway between real and virtual, this bedside table brings a metallic touch to the bedroom, it is made of anodized aluminum with acrylic, aluminum and gold finishes.

Lapiaz model bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

Lapiaz model design bedside table by Boca Do Lobo

The aesthetic effect is that of a split stone, a rock inside which flows a golden river, an underground tributary where luxury flows … Lapiaz is the perfect interpretation of design and uniqueness with captivating features, it is made of smoked glass, briar of poplar, polished brass and mirror.

Traveler model bedside table by Colección Alexandra

Traveler model design bedside table by Colección Alexandra

A perfect design element to give character and personality to the bedroom and highly appreciated by vintage lovers. The Traveler bedside table is inspired by the classic travel suitcases of yesteryear, the leather finishes, the straps and the attention to detail make it a precious and extremely versatile object.

Valentina model bedside table by Colección Alexandra

Valentina model design bedside table by Colección Alexandra

Inspired by the equestrian world and the art of footwear, the Valentina bedside table impresses with the mastery of craftsmanship techniques that give shape to scalloped edges with leather and metal details. Available in both luxor and vintage editions.

Bedside Console model by Pelle Design

Bedside Console model design bedside table by Pelle Design

A bedside table that could be transformed into an entrance console, essential geometries in a suspended version that create suggestive compositional games. The idea is to create a playful and extravagant atmosphere also in the sleeping area.

Arcom model bedside table from My Home Collection

Arcom model design bedside table from My Home Collection

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, the Arcom bedside table uses simple geometric elements assembled to create a completely new and enveloping design. A container with a flap opening forms a round arch which, at its tangent point, supports a horizontal plane, revealing all the compositional suggestion of the purest architecture in a bedside table.

Shuffle model bedside table by & Tradition

Shuffle design bedside table by & Tradition

The idea behind the design of Shuffle is to evoke classic wooden toys by leveraging the modular component. Each element is in fact mobile and the bedside table can be assembled according to one’s aesthetic preferences and childhood memories, a precious example of democratic design.

Do-Mo model bedside table by Tonelli Design

Do-Mo design bedside table by Tonelli Design

All the suggestion of minimalism takes shape in the Do-Mo bedside table where a transparent glass almost acts as a barrier to a simple suspended element with wood finishes, black or white lacquered.

NEB model bedside table by No Early Birds

NEB model design bedside table by No Early Birds

NEB is described as an elegant flap container that opens with a retractable grip. It is made with steel legs and painted MDF container.

Suspended design bedside tables

Suspended design bedside table models

Perfect for those who are looking for an optimization of the space in the bedroom, the suspended bedside tables represent a trendy choice with a character that is not only extremely suggestive but also practical.

Round designer bedside tables

Round design bedside table models

If you love curved lines, you certainly can’t miss the opportunity to discover our collection of round bedside tables, many versatile and elegant models that will add a touch of refinement in the bedroom.

Particular design bedside tables

Special design bedside table models

Sophisticated and unusual shapes, innovative solutions capable of becoming the protagonists of the space … discover our collection of bedside tables with a particular design, they will win you over at first glance.


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