What must never be missing in a coastal style house

If you love the ocean, the beach and that sense of well-being they convey, the coastal style is the trend for you. Plus, it’s also very much in vogue right now. If you want to furnish in this way, we suggest what must never be missing in a coastal style house!


The coastal style is one of the trends that is depopulating lately. Furnishing a house in this way means be inspired by the ocean and its beautiful landscapes.

The sense of freshness and brightness combined with the desire to recreate natural environments are probably the reason why this style is conquering everyone.

One of the secrets to furnish according to this trend is identify the right colors which are basically all shades of blue. Very important it is also the choice of materials to use, both for furniture and fabrics.

Finally, the accessories play a key role. But let’s see in detail what must never be missing in a coastal style house.

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Shades of blue

The coastal style evokes marine environments. When you enter a house decorated according to this trend, it must have the feeling of being on a beach.

Precisely for this reason, colors play a key role. Between these, has an importance particular the blue, in all its nuances. Whether it is deep blue, light blue or even aqua green, the details of this nuance cannot be missing.

Often they are just the walls to be painted like this, but eventually you can also opt for some furniture, for example a blue sofa to put in a living room is always a good idea.

obviously can not miss in a coastal style house too accessories or fabrics in the color of the sea.


Seashells, coral and starfish

A very decoration popular when furnishing according to this trend I’m the shells. In fact, when you walk on a beach it is very common to find them, which is why they are perfect even in a coastal style house. Generally they are put on the furniture as if they were a real ornament.

The same goes for coral. There are knick-knacks very nice that reproduce its shape. Finally, the decorations with the starfish. These are used very often to decorate the walls.

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In principle, however, we can say that to beautify the house anything marine-themed is fine and can be found on a beach. For example, particular sticks and stones are not to be excluded.


Furniture in white pickled wood

For regarding the furniture instead, the material to focus on is the wood. In particular, this it must look aged, as if it was consumed by the continuous exposure to the sun.

For this, the best solution is opt for pickled wood furniture, better if whites. Whether it’s a coffee table, kitchen furniture, a wardrobe or a bookcase, these can never be missing in a coastal style home.

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Wicker furniture and accessories

Another material to focus on for furniture is wicker. This, in fact, is widely used in seaside resorts and is often also found right on the beaches.

In a coastal style house They do not have to never to miss then gods wicker furniture. Generally it is better to opt for armchairs and coffee tables, but chest of drawers or chairs can also be an option.

We must not forget the accessories. Be it a simple one basket or of a frame of a mirror, the choice must fall on wicker.



When you enter a coastal style house, you will notice that the environments are very bright. One of the secrets to have more light is use much the White. In fact, it is a light and reflective color.

Then, you have to to leave that the rays of the sun light up of course the rooms. For this, light curtains are used and furniture is never placed in front of the windows.

Very important however it is even artificial lighting. For this, we recommend bet on of the lanterns as an addition to the chandeliers.


Natural fabrics with stripes or marine patterns

Finally, in a coastal style house also i fabrics play a key role. In particular, these are the detail that makes the difference and for this reason they must be chosen carefully.

First, you have to to prefer the natural and light materials, for example cotton or linen are perfect. Then, you must also pay close attention to the patterns to choose.

Very often for cushions, tablecloths or even sheets you opt for a blue and white striped pattern. However, they are not to be excluded also of marine-themed patterns, with shells, starfish or small fish.


What must never be missing in a coastal style house: images and photos

If you want to furnish your home in a coastal style, there are some things that should never be missing. To find out what they are and to get ideas, take a look at the images in the following gallery.


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