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Essential but at the same time enveloping and welcoming: the Soft Minimal style is increasingly trendy and can be an inspiration to furnish any type of home. Here are the characteristics of this style, its colors and what are the inevitable furnishing elements for every room in the house.


The minimalist style of furniture is undoubtedly the most widespread and loved by admirers of contemporary aesthetics. It has few frills – indeed, it practically does not contemplate them – and makes the house extremely tidy, at times almost aseptic. In recent times, however, a new trend has faced the furniture and interior design scenes: it is the Soft Minimal style, that revisits the minimalist and essential mood of its precursor in a completely new key.

A style of furniture in continuous evolution that is conquering more and more fans and, nevertheless, crowding the feeds of all the main social platforms, from Instagram to Pinterest. Its strong point is simplicity, which in this case though it does not coincide with lack of detail or personality. The Soft Minimal style is definitely more “customized” than the minimalist one, it is less rigid and that’s why they like it so much, why it’s not extreme.

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Let’s try to understand together what is the Soft Minimal style, what are its characteristics and how to make the most of it to furnish the house, from ideal colors to indispensable furnishing elements.


Soft Minimal style: the mood and inspiration

To grasp the essence of the Soft Minimal style, we need to take a step back. Think of the Bauhaus, introduced by a German art and design school in the 1920s and 1930s. With its at times sparse lines and its essential concept, it laid the foundations for it minimalist furniture style. The Soft Minimal style starts from the latter, which only recently made its stage debut.

This style revisits the concept of minimal and makes it “softer”, as the name itself suggests. What does it mean? The fulcrum always remains essentiality, but asepticity and depersonalization which, at times, can shine through the minimalist furnishing choices, they are lost in favor of a more personal atmosphere, cozy and comfortable.

The purpose is recreate essential environments, without too many frills and therefore easy to keep in order, thus resulting relaxing, harmonious and pleasant to live. A subtle interplay of details, in this case, makes the difference.

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The importance of colors in the Soft Minimal style

Like any furnishing style, even the Soft Minimal one provides a reference color palette to be inspired by. This predominantly includes soft and neutral colors, but with a warm undertone. Green light, therefore, to light gray and sand, but also to biscuit brown and apricot.

They are suitable for Soft Minimal furniture also shades of white, beige and gray, which have always been widely used in minimalist furniture.

Nothing prohibits, of course, from customize the palette with brighter touches of color. Better, however, to choose them exclusively for few focal details.

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The inevitable elements and furnishing accessories for a Soft Minimal home

Before delving into the Soft Minimal style furniture in every room of the house, let’s focus on what are the most suitable furnishing elements (and furnishing accessories) to recreate the right atmosphere.

First of all, you have to pay attention to the concept of space. The environment it must be large and airy, it is no coincidence that this style is perfectly suited to houses with very high ceilings and which enjoy good natural lighting. Space doesn’t have to be never weighed down by bulky furniture or furnishings. They are to be preferred, in fact, elements and furnishing accessories with clean lines and minimalist.

Whether it is the choice of the sofa for the living room or the wardrobe for the bedroom, it is essential choose the right design and colors carefully. The big difference from the pure minimalist style is the details. Dwell carefully on the choice of linen and curtains: soft blankets and cushions for the sofas, carpets to “warm up” the atmosphere both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Regarding paintings and prints to hang on the walls, the ideal would be do not exceed neither in quantity nor in size. Better to opt for small checks or small prints that do not take away too much air. Alternatively, a single large work that becomes the focus of the environment.


Tips for an impeccable Soft Minimal style furniture

At this point, let’s move on to some targeted advice, dedicated to every room in the house. If it is true, in fact, that the characteristics of the Soft Minimal style are quite clear and simple to internalize, it is equally true that, especially in some environments, doubts may arise.

In the kitchen

The Soft Minimal kitchen is essential and above all functional. Choose light wood furniture, which may be combined with a marble worktop. Small paintings on the walls will make the environment more familiar, as will the choice of adequate lighting.

The ideal is prefer linear lamps or spotlights, objects not bulky but able to cover the kitchen with the right light: intense but not too much, neither excessively hot nor too cold.


In the living room

The Soft Minimal living room is the real heart of the home, the environment in which to indulge in healthy relaxation after a long day of work or, if you work from home, the perfect location for smartworking. The modern sofaspreferably in fabric not leather, represent the most suitable choice to a context of this type.

If the neutral color palette is likely to bore you, give yourself a few more bright touches, choosing for example a colorful sofa that creates contrast with the rest of the environment. Remember that, as anticipated, carpets and pillows – always chosen with care – they are indispensable for a Soft Minimal style living room.


In the bathroom

The Soft Minimal style bathroom features only neutral colors. The range of beiges and browns, with wooden furnishing elements, is the one to be preferred. To customize your bathroom, choose a particular texture of the tiles for the wall where the sink is, not to flatten the environment too much.

Pay attention to the choice of towels, strictly white and with light fabrics, from cotton to linen. Combine a set of darker wood accessories for more dynamism.


In the bedroom

The bedroom needs to be relaxing, welcoming and showing itself to our eyes as a sort of nest where you can find refreshment and intimacy. The choice of neutral and light colors, typical of the Soft Minimal style, could not be more consistent with this idea.

As for the living room, choose furniture and furnishing elements with lines extremely simple and remember to embellish the environment with plaids and rugs. Indulge yourself a print or a painting hanging on the walls, preferring the wall behind the bed.


Soft Minimal style: images and photos

Did you enjoy our tips on the Soft Minimal style? For many other inspirations for images, take a look at the gallery below: you will find many photos to take inspiration from to decorate your home.


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