the novelties in the range of pvc flooring

OBI catalog 2021: let’s take a look at the novelties in the range of pvc floors, models, textures, finishes, colors and styles for every room in the house, with furnishing solutions and prices per square meter.


The PVC floor, i.e. in polyvinyl chloride, also called floor vinyl, is characterized by enormous versatility and elasticity which makes it one of the best-selling home restoration products in recent times. In fact, the advantages of the pvc floor they are many and varied: first of all its installation is very simple, it can be installed by anyone, even non-professionals, with a little attention.

The maintenance of a vinyl floor is just as simple: it is easy to clean, is resistant to shocks and foot traffic, it is stain resistant and antistatic. Finally, what makes a pvc floor a real must of the year is the possibility of reproducing different finishes for a very realistic, elegant and guaranteed effect, for all spaces, even the largest.

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Installing a pvc floor yourself is very simple, as is also well explained on the Obi Italia website, the e-commerce of which we present the main products in this article. Before continuing with the range of pvc flooring that we have selected for you and related furnishing solutions, here are some very brief tips on laying of the floor, in order to remove any doubts about the purchase of a vinyl floor.


Installing a pvc floor: step by step

The first thing to do is to prepare the old floor, cleaning it thoroughly and eliminating any residual adhesive, if any. If the floor is worn, it is better to even it out with putty or putty. The pvc roll, at this point, must be spread on the surface to be covered, so as to do not form bubbles or creases.

At this point, all you have to do is cut the roll to the size you need, stick it with double-sided tape to the floor, press well to adhere the floor covering.

For pvc floors with slats, installation is just as simple: just lay them on the floor and make them adhere. Now that you know how, let’s take a look at the floors in pvc that you can buy on the Obi Italia website.


Obi Italia pvc flooring catalog

The Obi Italia catalog of pvc flooring is very varied, both for finishes and colors. Installation, as we have seen, is very simple and the value for money convenient. The floors are guaranteed, the effect is very natural and realistic.

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Columbia Pearl: LVT Sesnso click vinyl flooring

Columbia Pearl is the LVT floor made up of slats with dimensions of 123.9 x 21.4 cm and 4.2 mm thick, with a wear layer of 0.30 mm. The surface is very resistant, the floor turns out very easy to clean, as it is water repellent and antistatic and can be laid directly on the old tile floor. The installation system is interlocking. The floor is also 100% waterproof. Its price, per square meter, is 27.00 euros.


Gerflor: Senso Pecan vinyl floor with white parquet effect

This kind of vinyl floor has a realistic parquet effect, with variable pattern, which therefore gives the impression of real wood. It consists of self-laying, self-adhesive slats, therefore, without the use of glue, which allow a very fast and very easy installation, even for those with no experience.

The Gerflor vinyl floor is the best solution for those who have never installed a PVC floor, because installation consists solely of laying the panels on the old floor. In case of errors you can simply remove the plank and reinstall it correctly.

This floor represents a real flagship product for Obi Italia, because characterized by a strong resistance to trampling, but not only: it is fireproof, therefore suitable for being also installed on underfloor heating systems. It also consists of material 100% recyclable, therefore eco-sustainable.

Finally, it is cleaned with warm water and a neutral detergent. His price and of 15.95 euros per square meter.


Spc vinyl flooring: light series nimes gray oak

The spc vinyl floor is a technological version more advanced compared to simple vinyl flooring. This type of floor, in fact, it does not require a mat for installation, as normally happens with interlocking slats, because the mat is incorporated into the slat.

Therefore, the installation is even easier. Another advantage is the greater surface resistance, suitable for any environment, even the bathroom. The price, per square meter, is 25.99 euros.


Gerflor vinyl floor Senso Pecan

Always belonging to the Gerflor line, this vinyl floor, Senso Pecan, is constituted from self-adhesive pvc slats and from even greater resistance to shocks, foot traffic and daily wear. The scratch-resistant upper surface, in fact, has a thickness of 2 mm. The surface is also very easy to clean.

Also this floor is 100% recyclable and very easy to install, as that’s enough simply lay the planks on the old floor and make them adhere well. Its price is 15.90 euros per square meter.


Start Sekanna PVC flooring roll

Obi Italia makes available of his customers too entire rolls for flooring, like what we show you below: Start Sekanna, 2 meters long.

The roll is made in non-slip pvc material, of course, with an expanded bottom. It is advisable to use it indoors, the dimensions of the roll are 2oo cm X 0.13 cm. His price and of 19.99 euros per meter.


Obi Italia catalog 2021 pvc flooring: images and photos

PVC floors are a very versatile, economical product that allows you to completely renew the face of an environment in a very short time and with a minimum expenditure of energy. Obi Italia presents for the year 2021 the novelties of its catalog dedicated to this product and we have selected them for you. Now take a look at our image gallery for other fascinating solutions and start planning your new home.


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