The new Ikea Inbjuden collection

Have you already peeked through the new collections proposed by IKEA? Among all, the Inbjuden line stands out, dedicated to moments of celebration and conviviality. We present it to you below.


In Swedish language Inbjuden means “invited“. A term that already suggests that the new IKEA collection, Inbjuden precisely, is dedicated to setting up the table, to dinners and parties with friends, to the guests of our lunches. In conclusion, a line dedicated to conviviality and the desire to spend happy time with your guests.

This collection is romantic, elegant, versatile and very refined. We show you, one by one, all the pieces of the new line super loved by all IKEA customers, made for romantic parties to spend with friends.


Champagne glasses

For a dinner with friends that is up to par, the jingles of toasts cannot be missed. What better way to do this than with some delicious champagne flutes? The glasses of the new Inbjuden collection are in transparent glass, decorated with a refined design of sparkling bubbles, in white. The shape of these glasses is ideal for sparkling drinks, as the elongated shape keeps the effervescence longer. A kit of 4 glasses is offered at the price of 10 €.

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Backsplash with lid

A must have for the elegant table, this one glass backsplash with lid. The product was conceived as a serving element for desserts, dishes or cheese tastings. Elegant, simple and impressive, the Inbjuden backsplash will help decorate the table and give it the panache and refinement you desire. This product is available in IKEA stores and on the website, at a price of 30 €. The diameter of the splashback is 29 cm.


Dessert forks

For those who love details, these cannot be missing on your table dessert forks. Compared to classic models, these forks feature a frieze on the handle, an elegant motif that makes them a refined and very refined piece. The forks are made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe. A 4-piece kit is proposed at a cost of € 3. Unmissable on the tables for dinners with friends.


Frosted glass plate

In combination with the romantic style of all the elements of the Inbjuden collection, here are the plates in transparent glass with decorations in satin white, delicate and just hinted at. The glass with which the dishes were made was subjected to the hardening treatment, which has the purpose of making them very resistant and almost unbreakable. These dishes transform the table, giving it a touch of freshness and refinement.

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These plates were conceived by an exceptional designer, Paulin Machado and are perfect to combine with a colored tablecloth or a particular placemat, which appear from the transparency of the glass, creating a beautiful satin effect. Each single dish is presented at a cost of € 2.



In frosted and tempered glass, here is the serving plate from the Inbjuden collection. Ideal for bringing your dishes to the table in style. The dish has a diameter of 32 cm and costs 4 €.


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2-level upstand

For a brunch in style, to dedicate an impeccable service to your desserts or fruit, here it is the two-storey upstand from the Inbjuden collection. This product is made of stainless steel, practical and handy and easy to clean. It certainly cannot miss on the laid table. The cost of the Inbjuden splashback is € 20.


Cake scoop

The dessert has found its ideal location thanks to the splash, however something is still missing. This is the cake scoop. Inbjuden introduces a shovel in stainless steel in the collection, with decorations on the handle and with sinuous and rounded shapes. The price of the pallet is € 3.


Hanging decorations

The party cannot be defined as such without the presence of suitable festoons. For this reason the Inbjuden collection also includes multicolor festoons, from romantic fantasies, to hang on the walls and ceiling to decorate the room.

Every chain of festoons includes 12 triangles, made of paper, for a length of 4 meters. The price of this decoration is of € 2.50.


To complete the style, they are spherical festoons also available, light pink in color and available in sets of 3 pieces, in different sizes, at a price of € 9.95.


Tablecloth in green and white

A laid table is not complete without it a tablecloth that is up to the occasion. For this we present the tablecloth from the Inbjuden line, with a white base and many delicate polka dots, in light green perfect for spring lunches and dinners, this element measures 145 x 240 cm and is available for € 15.

To match the tablecloth there are, from the same collection, also the soft cushions for the chairs. a perfect match.


New IKEA Inbjuden collection: photos and images

Here is our photo gallery dedicated to the new super romantic collection presented by IKEA to enhance dinners and lunches with friends, set up the table with wonder and make a great impression.


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