the elegance and versatility of the Chesterfield model

Numerous versions of the Chesterfield sofa that Vama offers to customers. Two-seater, three-seater, corner, dormeuse: the versatile reworkings for the iconic model.


The Chester or Chesterfield model, as it is also known, is among the models of most famous sofa with a more refined air and elegant never produced, thanks to the famous design and the unique workmanship that make them very recognizable. Born in England, between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, the Chesterfield sofas are characterized by capitonné padding, note for i buttons that secure the lining forming small diamonds on the surface of the sofa.

Elegant and sophisticated, the Chesterfield model immediately broke into the heart of the good English company to then be adopted in the most elegant living rooms around the world. The tradition in creating prestigious seats is the production area in which Vama divani operates, a company born in the province of Arezzo.

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Chester sofa with large modern armrest

Vama sofas: from small upholstery to brand

Vama sofas, present on both the national and international market, began its journey in early 70s, when the brothers Fabio and Virgilio Magrini they decided to open a small upholstery in the ancient village of Pratovecchio. Since that time, the company’s history has successfully crossed the course of time, telling the beauty of tradition but also the transformations and challenges of the years that have alternated e landing with creative verve until 2021, with a large and varied catalog, which combines tradition and modernity.

Today, the reins of the company are in the hands of the sons of the two founders, Francesco, Marco and Leonardo, who knew preserve the historical character of the company, with its refined production of Chesterfield sofas, adapting the vintage look and elegant to the taste and to the most varied and contemporary needs.

Here then is born 2/3-seater Chesterfield sofas, angular, with deeper seats o with a design that can also be adapted to more modern contexts, all available on e-commerce of the company, which allows customers from all over the world to purchase, after having customized it, their own Chesterfield Vama sofa.

Marco, Francesco and Leonardo of VAMA Divani

Chesterfield sofas by Vama: the models

More than a sofa, the Chesterfield is a status symbol: emblem of British elegance and nobility, refers to vintage and classic looks, but also a modern, urban and industrial contexts, precisely because of its refined design that can be skilfully adapted to any context.

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The Chesterfield sofas by Vama make their own this principle of versatility: tradition and modernity add up to give life to unique and customizable products by the customer.

The common thread of all the models, however, is always the same: the Chesterfield sofa, an expression of elegance and refinement, is a sofa from excellent quality and the success of Vama products is based precisely on this. Equipped with a solid structure in solid fir wood, the Chester Vama sofas they last over time and offer a unique relaxation experience, thanks to the high-strength elastic straps, which make the seat more comfortable and flexible ea high quality foam resin padding.

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The choice of leather is a fundamental element: the catalog of leather upholstery from which the customer can choose includes the best products on the market, whose durability and quality are widely guaranteed by the brand. Finally, the complex and beautiful capitonné workmanship, which distinguishes the Chesterfield sofa from any other model in circulation and which establishes its quality.

A tradition that the new generation at the helm of Vama divani he inherited and continues to carry on with passion.

3 seater Chesterfield sofa in red vintage removed leather eff

3 seater Chesterfield sofa: the elegance of the past

A 3 seater Chesterfield model that is the exaltation of the past refined, ideal for making your own living room in vintage or classic style, elegant and unique. The upholstery is in hand-buffered leather, that is, handcrafted in order to give them away different shades of color, which make it unique. The capitonné work is performed in a workmanlike manner, according to the most ancient tradition.

The 3-seater model of the Vama brand, however, goes beyond the simple classic taste with a variety of leathers and shades that embellish any environment, even the most modern. In addition to the classic shades of brown, beige, black and white, the 3 seater is available in green, blue, red, yellow, pink.

The dimensions of the sofa are: width: 220 cm; depth: 85 cm; height: 70 cm. The price starts from 1630 euros, VAT included.

Green and white chesterfield sofa

2 seater Chesterfield sofa: the most loved in the catalog

The 2-seater model is certainly one of the most popular models of the entire catalog, the one that Vama customers have chosen most often to furnish their homes. It is a classic 2 seater Chester model, made with the typical quality of Vama production, aimed at even the smallest details and with an obsessive attention to the capitonné workmanship artisanal. The globular feet are the touch of class.

165cm wide, 85cm deep and 70cm high, this proposal is not only comfortable and refined, but allows you to furnish a living room corner without wasting space. The price starts from 1370 euros, VAT included.

Chesterfield sofa with gold feet

Chesterone sofa: the most comfortable

Chesterone, the name already says, has as a plus a greater depth, from the classic 85 cm of the traditional models to 106 cm of which 74 cm occupied by the seat alone.

A model that points not only to the refined Chester aesthetics, but also to extreme comfort. 260 cm long, 106 cm wide and 70 cm high. The price starts from 2510 euros, VAT included.

Chesterone sofa in white leather

Chester Plus sofa: vintage soul with modern design

If you are looking for a Chesterfield model ideal for a modern setting, this is the model for you. All the artisan tradition of a classic Chester model combined with a design that it combines perfectly with modern atmospheres and contemporary, thanks to blue color, to the design of the majestic ones armrests with mask and to that of turned feet.

Available in 3 different versions: 2 seats, 170 cm long; 2 large seats, 195 cm long and finally, 3 seater, 220 cm long. The depth is 90 cm with 55 cm dedicated to the seat alone, the height of 70 cm, of which 42 cm for the seat. The foot is 12 cm high.

The base price of the version 2 places and of 1470 euros, that of the version 2 large seats and of 1680 euros and finally the price of the 3 places is 1750 euros.

Modern Chesterfield sofa

Winchester sofa: the refinement of vintage

A vintage sofa, with a refined and unique style, made with a capitonné work made unique by small brass studs that decorate the armrests mask, wider than traditional models.

The Winchester model harks back to the refinement of the past but adds comfort to the classic line with an even more spacious seat and greater depth. The upholstery is in aubergine-colored fabric. This model is also available in different versions: 2 seats, 2 large seats and 3 seats. The 2-seater measures 184 cm in length, the 2-seater large, 198 cm and the 3-seater 212 cm.

All versions have a depth of 92 cm and a height of 79 cm. Prices, respectively, start from: 1450 euros, 1590 euros and 1690 euros.

chester sofa in velvet and fabric

Chesterfield daybed: the Chester chaise longue

Inspired by the sofas typical of the salons of the nineteenth-century French nobility, the Chesterfield Dormeuse is a classic Chester sofa without an armrest and with an inclined backrest.

Elegant and refined, with a vintage but unique design, fully customizable, also as regards the position of the armrest, can be positioned both on the right and on the left. The upholstery is in full grain leather, a type of leather which, even after processing, retains its most natural appearance.

This gorgeous model is 178 cm long, 85 cm deep and 70 cm high. The base price is 1510 euros.

Classic upholstered Chesterfield daybed

Angular Chesterfield sofa: two models in one

This majestic sofa embodies two souls: sofa and day bed, for unrivaled comfort and elegance. Available in blue, white and red, again the model is widely customizable.

The dimensions are 265 x 180 cm long, 90 cm deep and 70 cm high. The base price is 3170 euros, VAT included.


Vama Chesterfield sofa: pictures and photos

Here is a large gallery in which we present some of the models that you can find in the Vama catalog.


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