The best colors for a classic style bathroom: 6 refined examples

The best colors for a classic style bathroom. Suggestions on which palettes to prefer, and advice on the most suitable color combinations with this style of furniture.


The goal when choosing the nuances of a bathroom is to create also through color, an atmosphere of fresh relaxation. In the place of home where we dedicate ourselves to ourselves and take care of our person, color plays a fundamental role!

In the case of a classic style bathroom, the reference palette should then help create a sense of harmony and refinement.

Discover ours furnishing proposals and advice on the best colors for a classic style bathroom, an environment par excellence where to reproduce this timeless aesthetic thanks to the right chromatic choices. Let’s see together how to use color through tiles, paint, complements and accessories.

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1. Wisteria color

The shades of wisteria pastels are ideal for a bathroom furnished in a classic style because they are delicate and romantic just as this aesthetic wants.

We recommend this color choice in the bathroom of a girl’s bedroom. The bathroom below, for example, stands out for its own very delicate nuances that make the look very feminine.

The wisteria color we also find it on the walls, in the towel set and in the floral texture of the curtain from shower. With the silver taps and the brilliant white of the bathroom fixtures, it creates an elegant contrast.

Embellish the tub with a soy wax candle set, lavender and sage to make moments of relaxation more intimate and special.


2. White and pastel sage

Here we are in a classic bathroom built around two shades, white and sage in its pastel shades, a fresh and sober combination. The bath tub and the protagonist of the scene.

In empire style with silver taps and inlaid feet, stretches sinuously under the window, inviting you to immerse yourself and relax in a warm bubble bath after a long day.

The floor is in marble with visible veins and a geometric design on the central tiles. There sink area resumes the sage color of the boiserie and the hinges of the doors that gives it a very intimate tone to the overall look.

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3. Emerald green with gold and brass finishes

You will like the bathroom we are about to show you if you prefer one more traditional classic style and a bit pompous too.

Here then is that the walls were covered with a wallpaper with a dense classical texture beige and forest green color. The bathroom fixtures and bathtub have the appearance of small columns with gilded finishes.

The brass wall sconces they are extremely classic in shape and in the soft atmosphere they create. The curtains arranged in drapes are chromatically a continuation of the wallpaper. The final aspect is very princely.

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4. Shades of pink and white

Pink is one of the colors par excellence when it comes to classic style. It is also an intimate color and is the perfect choice in a bathroom with lots of natural light.

In the bathroom of the following photo pink in its lightest shades is the leitmotif of the scene. It was used to paint the boiserie full height and we also find it in the palette of a wall print.

It goes well with the gray of the tiles, it is no coincidence that that between gray and pink is a combination that always works very well. The bright white toilets they reflect natural light and stand out for their soft shapes.


5. White and cream color

In a classic style bathroom you could try playing with a neutral color scheme like the one we’re about to show you.

There chromatic palette is built around white and cream, it is simple and sober but visually appealing. The look you get is not only fresh, but also light and bright. Opt for neutral walls and enrich the scene with pink and silver towels and accessories.

Choose thin curtains that don’t block the entry of natural light. Enter a cream-colored long-pile carpet in the center of the room to give a touch of warm intimacy to the textured floor covering.


6. Light blue and white

The last one chromatic combination that we propose is that of white with light blue. Take a look at the bathroom that follows where the color creates a light, fresh and soft mood.

Visually enlarge the environment using the trick of the mirrors on the washbasin cabinet doors. Give the scene a more regal touch by playing with one freestanding bathtub in bright ceramic and an armchair in wood and beige velvet or in any case of a light color.


Best colors for a classic style bathroom: photos and pictures

A classic bathroom can take on different aspects depending on the colors used. Browse the photo gallery and be inspired by our favorite color choices to make your next project.


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