the 10 things that cannot be missing

In the attic furnishing, what are the things that just can’t be missing? Exposed architectural elements, heated floors, bespoke kitchen and much more: discover the 10 things you can’t do without in the attic.


During the phase of design or of renovation of an attic there are so many things to think about that we often end up losing sight of our real desires. There are some details that make a difference both in the furnishings and in the functionality of the spaces themselves e which should never be underestimated, if you want to live in functional and comfortable environments.

If you have decided to live in the attic, take a look at this list 10 things that just can’t be missing: from heating to lighting, passing through the actual furniture, complete with accessible and functional solutions. Here are 10 must-have things that will make your attic look perfect.

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Attic Kitchen Interior

1. Natural light

Natural light is an ally formidable and should never be underestimated, especially in an attic. The strong point of this house is its exposure, which should be enhanced with large windows inserted near the sloping roof. It is there, in fact, that the cones of shadow that make the space darker and more confined are concentrated.

Self instead your attic has a regular roof but low walls, opt for of the side openings, with of the wide French doors: the light will enter abundantly and the rooms will immediately seem more spacious.


2. The exposed beams

The exposed beams they are an architectural element of great charm e enhance own the conformation of the attic. In the raw state they give a rustic touch to the furniture; self paintedinstead, they offer you the opportunity to play with styles and create striking color contrasts.

You can also choose to paint them white, in tone with the walls. In this case you can use them as a support to hang an armchair oscillating, or to install lamps modern pendant lights, spotlights orientable and decorations various.


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3. Custom kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the sore point of the house, because it is not easy to insert standard-sized furnishings in an attic. The biggest problem is represented by the wall units, that must integrate perfectly in the space reserved for them. Plus, they have to respect the right distances from the fires and have a height that guarantees maximum comfort between the stoves.

The made to measure, then, is the wisest choice to use to have a kitchen that is as functional as possible. Self what was not possible, abolish the wall units and replace them with of the shelves visible: in this way you can take advantage of even the most difficult to reach corners.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group


4. Container bed

Self in the bedroom you do not have the possibility to insert too many furnishings you have to make sure that the available space is exploited in the right way. Can’t allow yourself the luxury of a large closet? No fear! The container bed you will help hide all that is bulky and oversized for a standard cabinet.


5. Sofa bed

The couch it is an indispensable piece of furniture in any home. But in the attic, fighting with centimeters is the order of the day. Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the new sofa for choose a model that turns into a bed. At home, having an extra bed is always comfortable and, if needed, will allow you also to host friends.


6. Concealed furniture

As well as the sofa bed, also other types of retractable furnishings can give you one great hand with tight spaces. Let’s say that in the kitchen there is not enough space to insert a classic rectangular table with chairs. Or, you have need for a study corner, but in your attic you can not get even a small corner.

So what to do in these cases? The solution is the retractable table, a panel that appears and disappears when needed with a gesture. IS for chairs? Go for folding models, which you can put away when you no longer need it.


7. Blackout curtains

As we have mentioned, the light in the attic is more than ever essential and functional to the furniture itself. The slanted windows in the bedroom or bathroom are indispensable, but very soon you would find yourself having to deal with an invasion of light hard to handle. The blackout curtains installed glass panels offer privacy from prying eyes and you can adjust them at different heights, according to your needs.


8. Underfloor heating

In winter, there is nothing more beautiful than entering the house and being enveloped in a cloud of enveloping warmth. The attic, just because more exposed to the elements compared to the other floors of the house or building, needs efficient heating.

Under renovation consider installing one on the floor: if you decide to opt for a wooden floor, the effect will be even more amplified and pleasant! Furthermore, in the bathroom, with a heated tiled floor avoid condensation e keep the environment more dry.


9. Thermal insulation

Let’s stay on the subject of heating, because in addition to the installation of an efficient system it is necessary to check also any heat loss.

If the building your attic is part of is well insulated, there should be no such problems. Anyhow opt always for of high quality fixtures, thermally insulated is with openings to the fore easy to handle.

Don’t skimp on prices! Good quality fixtures have quite high costs, but the amount spent will be recovered later in the bill, when you realize that it will no longer be necessary to set the heating to maximum.


10. Perimeter lighting

Artificial light, as well as natural light, plays a leading role in the lighting of the rooms and in the definition of spaces. In the attic it supports perimeter lighting to classic lighting with central chandelier.

A few examples? The appliques to the walls, led skirting boards and suspended spotlight systems places in strategic points of the House. In this way you light the right, make the spaces wider and do not deprive yourself of the height of the ceiling.


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