table ideas for a Nordic decor

Which table to choose for a Scandinavian kitchen? Advice and inspirational ideas to identify the perfect model in shapes, lines and colors, the table that represents the ideal piece of furniture for a Nordic style kitchen.


The table is a focal piece of furniture for the kitchen and must be chosen with care and in line with the style in which the whole house is furnished. When you approach a Scandinavian style kitchen, for example, which table to choose? The possibilities are manifold and different from each other, but all united by the minimal and essential mood that characterizes this style of furniture born in the countries of Northern Europe which, for several years, has been one of the dominant trends in interior design.

Wood is the material of choice, in all its forms. For a modern Scandinavian style kitchen, However, it is also possible to opt for a wrought iron table, for example.

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The shape of the table is not to be underestimated: the rectangular one is the most loved by admirers of Nordic furniture, but the round table is also suitable for this purpose, especially when placed in the context of a rather small kitchen. And about colors? Green light for white, neutral tones of wood but not only.

At this point, let’s try to outline the “portrait” of the perfect table for the Scandinavian kitchen.


Scandinavian cuisine: features of the decor

Furnishing a Nordic (or Scandinavian) style kitchen requires some precautions and a strong passion for essentiality. Style furnishing Scandinavian, inspired as the name itself suggests to Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway, refers to an aesthetic based on minimalism and simplicity. This can be seen in the choice of colors – there is a real Scandinavian color palette – and in the lines.

A kitchen furnished in Nordic style provides linear and clean shapes, soft and light colors able to illuminate the environment – primarily white – and the use of mainly natural materials, like wood, possibly combined in contrast to metal and steel.

The purpose, using the right details and carefully chosen details, is to recreate a welcoming and warm atmosphere but as minimal as possible, free from frills and functional. This mood is reflected, as anticipated, in every element, from furniture to furnishing accessories. It follows that the choice of the perfect Scandinavian table (with chairs or stools) plays a decisive role, as much as the choice of the kitchen itself.

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Scandinavian kitchen table: wood and other materials to focus on

The naturalistic inspiration is preponderant in the Scandinavian style. Not by chance, wood is certainly the material that cannot be missing. The wooden kitchen furniture is, in fact, the most suitable for following the aesthetic codes of the Nordic style, and the table is no exception.

The Scandinavian dining table par excellence is made of wood, to be chosen in the shade you prefer, taking into account the rest of the furniture and your personal taste. We invite you to prefer light wood, but there is no shortage of interesting proposals for those who prefer raw or darker wood with a worn effect.

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Wood is not, However, the only material available. Possibly, you can also choose an iron table or opt for a wooden table with metal feet, especially if your kitchen is decorated in a modern Scandinavian style.


Shapes and lines of the table for the Scandinavian kitchen

When we talk about Nordic or Scandinavian style furniture, we refer – as anticipated – to a minimal and linear aesthetic, clean and without frills. It follows that the design of the furniture reflects precisely these characteristics. The rectangular table is the most suitable for the Scandinavian kitchen, but that’s not the only option. Also a round table, in fact, it can make an impression if placed in the context of a Nordic-inspired cuisine.

The important thing is that they are always practical and functional furnishing elements: lean but at the same time elegant in their essentiality. If you have to buy a Scandinavian table with chairs, make sure that these too are faithful to the mood. Possibly, you can customize them and embellish them with the choice of soft and puffy colored pillows.

An increasingly recurring choice is that of the Scandinavian kitchen with island: in that case, better to opt for wooden or iron stools with square and regular lines.


White or colored: the preferred colors for the perfect Scandinavian table

The ideal colors for the Scandinavian style are light and bright ones, frequently chosen by those who live in the Nordic countries to make up for the scarce natural light that is encountered during most of the year. The White, particularly, is the most used color in every room of the house, including the kitchen. Not by chance, the white Scandinavian table is a recurring leitmotiv, whether it is enameled wood or other materials.

We advise you to choose it in combination with chairs in raw wood or declined in more vibrant colors if your aim is to furnish the kitchen and dining room in a modern Nordic style, with a more fresh and carefree touch.

Combining white and wood tones with colored brushstrokes makes the environment more dynamic and less flat, an event that is anything but rare when furnishing the kitchen entirely in white or wood color. But try not to overdo it: delegate the task of livening up the atmosphere to furnishing accessories such as chair covers or tablecloths. Alternatively, you can choose to combine your white, wood or iron table with fully colored chairs or colored exclusively in some parts, from the seat to the feet.

Other colors that are well suited to the Scandinavian style and you can choose for the table they are black, gray and dove gray. In general, the neutral color palette goes well with the Scandinavian style. Love contrasts? Dare and choose a colorful table for your Nordic-inspired total white kitchen: midnight blue and forest green, for example, they might be right for you.


Scandinavian kitchen, table ideas: pictures and photos

Did our tips on choosing a table for a Scandinavian kitchen come in handy? Take a look at the gallery of images below for many other ideas for decorating your kitchen in a Nordic style.


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