String bookcase: ideas for furnishing

The String modular system is a Scandinavian design classic that is still widely used today. Discover many ideas to furnish combining functionality and style.


String is a famous Swedish company which takes its name from its founder, the architect Nils Strinning. Its activity began in the 40s of the last century when Strinning won a competition organized by the publisher Bonnier. The tender in question involved designing a bookcase system that was practical, easy to assemble and at the same time inexpensive.

Since then, the success of his bookcase has grown and established itself internationally, an icon of Nordic design for over seventy years and a great example of simplicity, practicality and lightness. It is a modular system in which the side posts made of steel, which can be suspended or placed on the floor, they can be combined with shelves, doors, drawers, and possibly worktops.

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This already very high level of customization joins the possibility to choose height, depth and color of the materials.

String furniture were born as office furniture, but with the spread of the minimal style, now very fashionable, they are widely used in living areas and open spaces. In reality they are perfect in all the rooms of the house, even in the kitchen and in the bathroom (you will find many photos in the final gallery).

Also consider that we are talking about a piece of furniture that meets every need, including budget. In fact, the final price varies according to the chosen configuration.

Let’s see Now in detail some ideas for decorating your home with the String bookcase.


Living area

As we have already mentioned, the String bookcase fits perfectly into any environment, as well as furnishing style. For its lightness and elegance, it is the symbol of Nordic design par excellence; this does not mean that with the right precautions it can be inserted in other contexts.

For example, in an industrial living room it will look great at the entrance, also becoming a practical shoe cabinet. Play with the full and empty spaces and leave space for the coat rack, as in the photo below.

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And also an excellent solution to use as an equipped wall in the living room. Here too, with shelves and drawers you can create a structure to use to display valuables and souvenirs, furnishing accessories and all your books.

Also use it as a TV cabinet and add a worktop that becomes a useful desk when needed.


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Note that with a structure like the String the wall on which it rests can be seen almost entirely, so you will have to choose a shade that matches perfectly. The extra idea is to paint it with a color that contrasts with that of the structure or to apply wallpaper. You will thus obtain a unique result with a sure wow effect.

Don’t overlook the power of colors. Take a look at the next photo and see how the blue of the wall enhances that of the ceramics on display.


The speech of colors also applies to the material of the doors and drawers. Depending on what you choose, your String bookcase will be more or less modern, more or less Scandinavian style.

Another idea itrue very original is to use it for create in a small vertical garden / vegetable garden. If the size of your space allows it, create a full-height cabinet that houses lots of pots and plants, wicker baskets and all the gardening tools you need. The next photo is an example from which to draw inspiration.


In the kitchen, you will be able to choose a String library if what you are looking for is a sideboard with open compartments. Again, create an open pantry and place all your appliances on the shelves. By organizing the electrical sockets ad hoc, you will obtain a work area that is easy to use every day.

Also here, you will find it useful to insert a worktop that will replace the table.


Sleeping area

Also in the sleeping area all the suggestions already seen for that day are valid. Create a large modular structure and add doors and drawers as needed. In this case, the worktop will become the desk that will allow you to carve out a private space in which to work calmly.

In the children’s room, the String bookcase is really perfect. When they are small, use it to store all their games and position the shelves so that they can also be reached by them. Same goes for the desk.

When they grow, all you have to do is replace the shelves, maybe insert some new element and obviously a pc. In the next photo, the sweet bedroom of a little girl with a passion for dolls and cooking.


String bookcase, ideas for furnishing: images and photos

Do not miss this rich photo gallery with many ideas to furnish your rooms with an iconic and design piece of furniture, one of the few able to combine aesthetics and functionality. You just have to choose the composition that best suits your needs.


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