Sofas: the trends of 2021

Modern, classic or retro, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the style, the sofa is undoubtedly the protagonist of the living room or living area. There are many solutions to choose from, ranging from the choice of colors, materials and design. But what are the trending sofas in 2021? If you want to know everything about the hottest sofas, don’t miss the following article.


The sofa occupies a prominent place in our homes, regardless of style and personal taste. This piece of furniture is not only symbol of relaxation and comfort, but also of intimacy and conviviality.

Furthermore, if you simply want to renovate the home environment a little without having to spend a fortune, the first thing you will do is change the sofa. But how to choose the sofa most suitable? IS Which I’m the characteristics of trendy sofas in 2021? Here are some hottest models and the most popular features in 2021.

A new way of living

The pandemic coronavirus that has spread around the world since the beginning of last year has in fact transformed our way of life. Indeed, the our homes have become the center of our lives. The home is not only the place dedicated to the satisfaction of our basic needs, such as drinking, eating, sleeping or washing, but it has also become a workplace, a space for physical activity and conviviality, albeit limited to family members only. .

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So the house is the place to feel safe, rest and live in harmony with yourself and the space that surrounds us. And these are the trends that we find in the 2021 furniture trends also in relation to the choice of the sofa.

The sofa is then became the protagonist of our home. We use it to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation, but also for a chat with friends. Furthermore, the couch it can easily turn into an additional bed as needed. So how to choose the right sofa for our home?

In reality there is no model suitable for everyone. As with all the other pieces of furniture in the house, also the choice of the sofa is a matter of taste, style and our personality e must meet our needs.

For example, easily transform into a bed. If instead we want a design template, we can choose from many solutions that never go out of fashion. A few examples? The Bocca Gufram sofa, perfect for those who love artistic furnishings and wants to amaze. This sofa designed in the seventies has become an icon of the pop style.

The couch Giramondo by Giannetti is a design model with a round seat and a central backrest in the shape of a large sphere. Perfect for those who want a unique and minimal model.


Materials 2021

Among the interior design trends 2021 there is attention to sustainability is to functionality of the furnishings. Also with regard to the sofa proposals, there is no deviation from these trends.

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In fact, sustainability is expressed in particular, in the choice of materials of natural origin like wood or metals. But there is no shortage of innovative materials obtained from the recycling of materials such as plastic, metal or processing waste.

Natural materials for example they are also those used for sofa coverings: wool, cotton, linen and velvet. The latter in particular is one of the materials back in vogue in 2021. Soft, colored, in fact, the velvet sofas are refined and of great effect. Relaxing on these sofas will be a unique experience.

There skinmoreover, it continues to be one of the evergreen materials for sofas. But there are also more contemporary versions such as faux leather or imitation leather. A leather sofa never goes out of style and is perfect for both a classic and modern style home.

Also, among the hottest trends there is also a return to vintage and allor retro style. For this reason, for example, many sofa collections are inspired by the creations of the past, reworked in a modern way.



In 2021 i trendiest colors range give her neutral shades ai bright colors. Different shades that also express different styles of furniture. The minimal style with colors like black, Grey, White, also used in combination and capable of creating contrasts with inserting products or brightly colored objects. Ruby red, yellow, gold or mustard.

On the other side the Scandinavian style expresses a return to nature, with warm and welcoming colors like those of the wood, in the lightest shade. Self then instead love i exotic landscapes and distant places, the wild style it projects you towards magical and exhilarating atmospheres.

Sofas also follow these trends and here we find above all in the outdoor collections natural materials like intertwined ropes combined with fabrics in cotton, hemp and linen. Perfect to make you feel in contact with natural landscapes.


The design

Soft shapes is sinuous, are opposed to classic and linear models. Different styles and elements are found equally in the sofa collections, to satisfy the needs of a varied public.

An important element of the 2021 sofa collections is modularity. Modular sofas at will. Smaller modules combine with larger modules, giving birth to different configurations, with the aim of satisfying the needs of space, style and taste in the best possible way.


Sofa trends 2021: photos and images

Classic or modern sofas? Regardless of the style, the sofa is the protagonist of the living room or living area. Browse the gallery and discover the trendy sofas in 2021.


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