Small modern bathroom: ideas for decorating

How to furnish a small bathroom with a modern style. What are the best materials and which colors to use. Space-saving ideas and alternative solutions for a small but impeccable and fascinating environment.


Are you looking at your bathroom and it just doesn’t satisfy you? Maybe it is a flat and characterless environment, with antique finishes, a look that is too banal and repetitive? What’s more, did you mishandle the space when you furnished it and now you don’t know where to put things anymore? Or do you have to design a new bathroom and don’t know how to do it? And then, it’s time to get to know the modern style!

Even if the space in which we work is small, we must not give up what we like, quite the opposite! In fact, with the modern style not only will we have way of furnishing the bathroom flawlessly, but we can come up with it space-saving solutions to recover unused areas! So, off to the revolution and the future: let’s let the modern style in!

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Small modern bathroom tiles

The first step to having a small functional bathroom and aesthetically perfect, it is to use the modern style. In fact, with this choice of furniture we are already implementing aesthetic and structural elements that will help us make a bathroom look bigger!

In this case, the ideal is mount large tiles on the ground, square or rectangular: in this way, they will be less showy and heavy to the eye, so as to lighten the whole environment and have the optical effect of making it appear larger.

As for the material, we can opt for several solutions: for example, the parquet it will turn out to be one ideal choice, especially if we use a solid and resistant wood. Otherwise, we opt for the marble-effect or concrete-effect porcelain stoneware: it will be an irresistible flooring. And we can use it for both the floor and the walls!


Small modern bathroom fixtures

One of the most difficult choices you will have to face is that of sanitary. Very often, in fact, in a small bathroom, they can prove to be obstacles to its use, both because they are positioned in the wrong place and because they are annoyingly large and, therefore, disproportionate to the rest.

So, to avoid this considerable risk, we can adopt a simple as well as innovative solution: we mount the suspended sanitary ware in ceramic. In fact, not only do they represent an opportunity to adopt fresh and youthful solutions, but they will lighten the overall look of the environment, influencing the optical effect and making it appear larger.

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And if the suspended sanitary ware is not to our liking, we choose some sanitary ware with a simple and dry design: we avoid coatings, colors and designs that are too flashy or decorated, as they would make the atmosphere heavier and more stuffy.


How to enlarge small bathroom with modern style

And now, after choosing the tiles and bathroom fixtures, it’s time to focus on the small ones solutions cunning and cunning that make it widen at least visually the bathroom.

Surely, the best idea that will be easily applicable thanks to the modern style is choose light colors. A neutral palette, in fact, allows you to have a brighter bathroom and, consequently, which will seem less small. And the modern style is just the celebration of colors like the White, the beige and the dove gray!

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Furthermore, let’s not underestimate the power of mirrors: in fact, in every room, they are phenomenal allies to magnify an environment. To soften the atmosphere, though, we buy circular mirrors, which will put a brake on the rigid and straight lines of the tiles.

Finally, the best idea both to satisfy the characteristics of contemporary furnishings and to exploit its potential is to choose a shower cubicle with transparent windows: we will give more airiness to the environment and, at the same time, we will enhance it.


Small bathroom space-saving solutions

In addition to the bathroom elements such as the suspended sanitary ware and the transparent shower box, there are also solutions that allow us to recover space by taking advantage of the modern style.

For example, since this fashion disdains decorations that are too rich and furniture that is too demanding, instead of wall units, we assemble shelves and shelves: on the bathroom walls they will make an impeccable figure and, especially, we will recover space.

If, on the other hand, we do not want to mount the shelves, we create storage niches, which will house not only the toothbrush, toothpaste and towels, but also scented plants and soap bars.

In the end, opt for of the furniture with sliding doors: they will be much easier to open and will not hit the walls.


Ideas and projects

How do we understand that we are dealing with a modern bathroom? Its grace and simplicity will fascinate us, but it must also be a unique and irreverent environment!

For example, if we used neutral colors throughout the bathroom, we choose a wall to paint blue, Red or gold: they are strong colors for a bold and avant-garde bathroom.


The lighting source will be fundamental in the decoration of the bathroom. Instead of the usual chandeliers, banal and obvious, we opt for LED bars to put also on the shelves or on the top of the bathroom: they will be fantastic for a bright and bright environment.


Finally, even if the bathroom is small, we do not give up on our wishes. In fact, small bathroom does not necessarily equal small furniture. So, let’s dare a little more: let’s opt for a whimsical one ceramic bathtub with brass finishings, to be placed on the sides or, for an even more shocking effect, in the center of the bathroom!


Small modern bathroom: ideas for decorating: pictures and photos

No matter how small it is: the important thing is that you like it! With the right materials and the right colors, you will have your modern and state-of-the-art bathroom. But if you still have doubts and want to be inspired by the most beautiful and captivating projects, browse the gallery of images: there are some fabulous ideas to use for your bathroom!


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