Shutters for attic: how to choose

In the attic, ensuring good protection from sunlight as well as a decent level of privacy can be more difficult than expected without the right roller shutters. Find out how to choose them.


The attics are housing units chosen more and more often by young couples and not only for their undisputed charm, as well as the greater opportunity to buy or rent.

In these houses even where it would be possible to install windows skylights are preferred. This happens because the zenithal light, that is the natural light coming from above, is far more suitable for illuminating confined spaces such as attics usually are. It follows that the house will always be exposed to the sun then it will be mandatory to protect yourself from extreme heat by means of curtains or roller shutters.

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In some cases, a lot depends on the population density and the neighborhood, it could also happen that from the balconies of the condominiums next to someone can see you in the house. Therefore, also to guarantee you optimal privacy roller shutters will be needed: let’s see together how to choose the best ones.



Curtains more suitable for attics they can be of two types:

  • internal, are applied directly to the frame by means of a stick or velcro, are used only for darkening and are undoubtedly the most economical solution;
  • external, depending on the material they can also shield from the heat of the sun’s rays.

The interior curtains are found on the market roller or pleated; the former are more technological, i.e. they also exist with remote controls and they can be connected to a possible home automation system, the latter have double opening / closing both from the bottom and from the top and are therefore suitable for particularly sloping roofs.

In all cases, the internal blinds can be applied independently and match the surrounding furnishings as they can be made in practically any fabric. In reality, however, none of them provide thermal protection.

To meet this requirement, some external awnings. These can be made with more or less thick materials; this will result in total or partial shielding. Outdoor blinds are also commercially available in electrified version.

After all, if your budget allows it, consider that none of these solutions are optimal since they are not guaranteed blackout and thermal insulation with a single system. The shutters, on the other hand, are complete shutters, which in some cases also protect against break-ins (read on to learn more about armored shutters). Let’s find out which are the best.

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VELUX shutters

In the field of attic shutters there is a market leader which has practically wiped out every competitor. This is the VELUX, 100% Italian, born in Trentino Alto Adige in the late 1960s. The roller shutters of their production satisfy all the needs in terms of safety, comfort and protection.

Their main characteristics, according to the data released by the manufacturer, are:

  • total blackout even during the day
  • reduction of impact noises, for example those caused by heavy rain or hail, up to 75%
  • reduction of summer heat 94%
  • improvement of winter insulation up to 16%

The VELUX roller shutters they are available in manual or electric version, are made with insulated slats that allow optimal protection even from the cold. Keep in mind that living in an attic has its pros, but also significant cons: you usually suffer from heat in summer and cold in winter, but this will not happen with VELUX roller shutters.

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The manual version is undoubtedly cheaper, suitable for lower windows; it is very easy to install and also to handle. The electric one can be combined with the INTEGRA® touchscreen control pad which allows you to remotely control it and even program it.

Finally, the latest generation model is powered by an integrated photovoltaic cell which charges a battery. In the absence of prolonged sunlight, the roller shutter can be moved up to 180 times before it is completely discharged.


Armored shutters

Armored shutters represent a profit it’s valid barrier to break-in attempts for windows, balconies and skylights. In the last ten years, apartment thefts have more than doubled according to the latest Censis data (+ 127%), with greater frequency during holidays or in summer.

This makes protection systems indispensable, in addition to or in place of actual alarms. Even the armored door is not enough as it is proven that the windows are critical points. For this purpose, armored shutters they may offer a milder level of protection than gates, but they are undoubtedly a deterrent against intrusions.


Shutters for attic, how to choose: images and photos

Here is a brief summary gallery of the topics covered. Preserve your privacy and shelter from sunlight by choosing the most suitable roller shutters for your attic.


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