Open space in ethnic style

If you are a lover of strong colors and you particularly like knick-knacks and various accessories, the ethnic style is the one for you. This is also perfect for decorating larger spaces. For example, here are some suggestions for creating an open space in an ethnic style.


A open space generally consists of an area dedicated to kitchen, a kind of Lunchroom and the area of ​​the living. Being a very large space, we can give free rein to our imagination when we furnish it.

For example, a great idea is to create an open space in an ethnic style, it will be a triumph of colors and accessories. So let’s see how to organize the various areas and what are all the accessories and details to pay attention to to furnish it at its best.


Furnish the kitchen area

Furnishing a kitchen according to the ethnic style, it means to recreate a chaotic environment where everything seems to be in disorder. In reality, however, nothing is left to chance and objects are left around according to very specific criteria.

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For example, the pots they must be hung on the wall and certainly not placed in the furniture. Even the tools do not go into the drawers, but must be placed in plain sight on the counters, perhaps inside recycled jars. Do not forget, then, of to expose the spices.

The reason for all this apparent clutter is that a room decorated in an ethnic style is never bare, but is always embellished with accessories of all kinds. In the kitchen, they will be just the objects which are used daily to serve as decoration.


Furnish dining area

In an open space the table could be one of the elements that separate the kitchen from the living room. For this, it must be quite great. As for the material, we recommend choosing the wood, this is perfect for decorating in an ethnic style.

If you want something livelier, you can too opt for a table with some small decorations, such as gods mosaics in the center. Alternatively, add yourself a touch of color with of the ethnic patterned tablecloths.


Furnish the living area

Generally in an open space most of the attention is focused on living. The protagonist must be the sofa, large and particular. Remember it is better place it in the center of the room and not close to the walls.

The ethnic style tends to prefer low furniture, so we recommend to choose a futon sofa which is certainly very original. An angular model, maybe with addition of pouf it is truly perfect.

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Indispensable and then a small table to put at the foot of the sofa. This can be round or square, plain or a little more worked, but as far as the material is concerned, the choice must fall on wood.

Finally, to complete the living room it lacks a equipped wall. In this case our suggestion is to mount of the shelves, also always Wood, at different heights, in order to fill more or less the whole wall.


How to illuminate an ethnic open space

The lighting in an open space is always a lot important. In fact, it is a very large space, so a single central light source is not necessary to illuminate evenly.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

For such a large space, usually the best choice are LEDs and spotlights to be placed in strategic points, but in this case they are clearly to be avoided. Rather, the best solution if you are decorating in an ethnic style is to bet on lamps and hanging chandeliers.

This last they are always very elaborate, present gods mosaics colored which also make them very beautiful aesthetically. It will be necessary to put more than one to illuminate all areas.

The lamps are elaborate like the chandeliers, but They are even gods models easier in rattan. These should be placed on the living room table and maybe even in the kitchen on some cabinet to get more light while preparing food.


Accessories in an ethnic open space

The secret to decorating in an ethnic style is focus on accessories and therefore also in our open space they cannot be missing. The furniture must not be left empty, so on every available shelf do not hesitate to to put of the ethnic statuettes. Usually these depict women or animals.

Also remember to beautify the walls. You can do it hanging paintings, but also any kind of objects in rattan or leather. Another ornament that never fails are the ethnic masks, these can also be hung.

Finally, in the ethnic style the real difference is made curtains, the carpets and of pillows. These are always of bright shades and particular geometric patterns and they add a touch of color important to the environment.

As a final touch, add of the plants and maybe light scented candles or incense. They will help create that much sought after ethnic atmosphere.


Open space in ethnic style: images and photos

Browsing through the images in the following gallery, you will find different proposals to furnish an open space in ethnic style. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the photos if you are looking for inspiration.


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