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Convenience World, 2021 catalog. Discover all the news for kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom furnishing: here are the most convenient trend proposals, not to be missed!

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Quality made in Italy, design to move with the times and advantageous prices. These are the elements that distinguish Mondo Convenienza, the company that has been furnishing Italian homes for over thirty years.

In the 2021 catalog there are really many trendy proposals for interior design. Find out what’s new unmissable of the 2021 catalog: here is a selection of furniture and furnishing accessories not to be missed.

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Kitchen: practicality and minimal design


Selly is the kitchen modular in a minimal style that will captivate you at first glance. Designed for a practical and functional approach to cooking, Selly provides you with everything you need in very little space.

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The design, modern and essential, fits perfectly into any environment, because the arrangement of the modules can vary according to the space to be furnished. Selly also it is customizable also in colors and finishes: Mondo Convenienza offers you some 35 to choose from.

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Wood table and Nancy chairs

Nancy is the modern chair that furnishes both the dining room and the kitchen with style. The lining is available in 5 different colors: white, black, gray, sand and elephant. The sinuous design is characterized by clean and square lines, perfect for a modern style furniture.

Nancy chairs go perfectly with Wood, the extendable table with pyramid legs e plan extendable in glass White. Wood has a structure of laminate with pearl elm effect, which gives a very natural touch to the decor. However you can customize the finishes e the colors, according to your needs.

The shelf of glass stretches from 140 to 220 cm, thanks to a practical sliding system. The chromatic combination makes Wood a very refined table, ideal for decorating environments in Scandinavian or minimal style.

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With Selfie there kitchen it becomes an elegant and refined sharing space, to be lived intensely every day. The design it is modern and linear, but it is the refined details that make the difference, like the groove handles that distinguish the brushed surfaces, factory gray color.

Selfie is ideal for those who use stoves with a certain frequency: her surfaces they clean quickly and are stain proof. The Selfie model is available in 31 color variations, to satisfy any furnishing need.

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Living room: refined modernity


Among the numerous furnishing proposals for the modern living room, the linearity of Urbino, the series of combinable and two-tone furnishings. Urbino is available in two versions: oxide and cement (as in the proposal in the photo), or concrete and glossy white. The Urbino living room can be purchased in single products or in series. The complete set includes sideboard, display cabinet, shelf and TV cabinet.

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Do you have problems with plants? Join the group


A sober and elegant stay, but which certainly does not go unnoticed. If you want a modern style furniture, able to catalyze all the attention on itself, you cannot miss one of the most beautiful proposals of Mondo Convenienza: Dama is the living room classy, that blends practicality and elegance.

The series Lady it consists of a TV cabinet, shelf, cupboard and display cabinet (optionally with two or three doors and with drawers). Available in color White, but with two different effects: glossy finish or eucalyptus effect.

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The Sofia wall unit is in white larch, ideal for a stay in style Scandinavian or shabby chic. It is also available in pearl elm and white eucalyptus versions. Sofia consists of a cabinet with drawers horizontal, also ideal as a TV station. There column cabinet joins the side modular modules through a shelf suspended, closed by one door with shop window.


Bedroom: style and comfort


Diana is the complete bedroom, which furnishes the spaces with a touch modern and original. The wardrobe with sliding doors is the highlight of the environment: the mirror central in the shape of a rhombus it seems to be deconstructed under the eyes of the beholder, thanks to the play of straight lines that cross the surface of the doors.

In the Diana bedroom they are included also the bedside tables with two drawers e the Como with three drawers, combined with a modern one rectangular mirror, which recalls the finishes of the furnishings. And speaking of colors and finishes: Diana is available in version glossy white, with a finish chosen between pearl elm and concrete effect.

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Sirius is a linear design proposal that combines functionality and color. There are 7 variants available, all one more elegant than the other. Sirius includes the bed frame, the wardrobe with 4 doors swing and central mirror, two bedside tables e a dresser with mirror included.

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Eleonora bridge wardrobe

If there is never enough space in the bedroom, Eleonora it is certainly the perfect solution to better distribute the bedroom furniture. It is a bridge wardrobe with 6 doors, with modular modules according to your needs. Eleonora is available in 4 color variants is features ivory interiors and titanium colored handles.

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Bathroom: trendy solutions


It is the round line, the real protagonist of the environment: with Charming the bathroom is transformed into an elegant place and comfortable, where it will be a real pleasure to stop. The vanity unit it is available in various sizes, in the variant with drawers and shelves or only with shelves. Color lacquered white it is modern and versatile, perfect even for the most traditional styles.

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Vittoria Sospeso Industrial

The suspended furnishings are the solution ideal for the modern bathroom. Vittoria Industrial and the furniture line modular with a contemporary design It is surprising. Available in 7 colors different and with glossy or matte finishes.

The Vittoria Industrial series includes sink and mirror with light led, the cabinet with two drawers and the suspended side column, perfect for storing everything you need.

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The modular of the series Quadra they are traditional and innovative at the same time: the color contrasts enhance the geometry of the modules, decorated by small square black handles.

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World Convenience Catalog 2021: images and photos

These were just some of the best trendy proposals from Mondo Convenienza. Browse the images in the gallery to discover all the news of the 2021 catalog.


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