Modern style open space: furnishing solutions

For those who love living in the home in freedom, the open space is the perfect solution that combines functionality, comfort, intimacy. How to furnish a modern open space? Colors, lighting, materials, storage units: that’s all there is to know.


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Literally it means open space and actually the open space allows you to live in the home in freedom. In fact, with the open space the barriers between the various rooms fall and you can enjoy every corner of the house without divisions. Perfect for small houses, but also for large ones, the open space allows you to combine functionality, comfort and conviviality.

In general the solution more widespread of open space includes kitchen and living area. It is very widespread also the solution it includes entrance and living room. But there is no shortage, especially for very small apartments or studios, solutions that also include the bedroom. The only space that necessarily retains divisions is the bathroom.

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But how to furnish an open space in a modern style? What furniture should you choose? Check out these and others curiosity in the following article.

Open space: a new way of living from home

At the base ofopen space there is a new philosophy of living which has spread since the 1970s and which in fact supplanted the interior architecture of the past. The house is therefore no longer divided into well-defined rooms, with a clear separation between kitchen, living room, bedroom, hall and bathroom. But, on the contrary, yes it tends to eliminate any division between the various spaces of the house.

In this way every room in the house undergoes a transformation e opens up to the world. Eg, the kitchen is no longer view as a service room, but on the contrary with the fusion with the living area it itself becomes a place of conviviality. The examples could go on and on. Also the living room, in the past seen as the place to receive guests, it was almost completely inaccessible to the family.

Most of the time it was conceived as a room to be kept on display and therefore it was forbidden to live the spaces in everyday life. Today, on the contrary, the living room not only opens towards the kitchen, but has become space to live in intimacy, place of comfort and of Relax.

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Functionality and aesthetics

The open space has in fact transformed the interior architecture, giving back to the house and its tenants freedom, functionality and aesthetics. In fact, let’s not forget that the open space reconciles different needs and functions, but without forgetting the aesthetics.

The open space is in general a welcoming and versatile space to be designed and furnished according to your needs, an expression of your personal taste and personality.


How to furnish a modern open space

There is actually no magic formula for furnish an open space, but need make each choice according to your needs. However, there are three basic steps which may be suitable for everyone and which can be carried out before proceeding with the construction of the open space.

  • Space design. Before proceeding with any modification, even structural, of your home, make a project of the environment you want to build.
  • Subdivision of spaces. After designing your open space, assign each space its function.
  • Furnishing of the spaces. When you have everything clear you can proceed to the choice of furniture for your open space.


Furnishing ideas

As we said earlier the combinations can be many, choosing for example between an open space that includes kitchen and living area, or between entrance and living room, or even between entrance, living room and kitchen. There is also the choice of furnishing an open space that really includes every room, with the only exception of the bathroom.

Regardless of the space to be furnished, the important thing is choose elements that combine harmoniously. Not only furnishings therefore, but also decorations, plants, and others furniture items.


The materials

Whatever style you choose to furnish your modern open space, it is important to select quality materials. The solutions can be many since wood, to the marble, to the metal ai innovative materials, much in vogue in 2021. The latter in particular are the result of a production process pointing to the environmental sustainability, with the recycling of raw materials or processing waste.



An element definitely not negligible concerns the choice of lighting of your open space. In general, this type of environment is a brighter, airier and more eco-sustainable space.

By choosing to create an open space you can save also in terms of electricity, both for lighting and heating. Even if bigger you will have to heat or light only one room at the same time.



Also in the choice of colors of your open space you can range between many solutions. Play with contrasting colors it can be an excellent furnishing idea. Self instead favorite one more homogeneous style you can choose a color palette best suited to your personal tastes.


Retractable compartments and storage units

In an open space there is an air of freedom e everything is within reach. In order not to give your home environment a neglected or messy look, you can choose some retractable compartments to put everything back in order easily. Effective in this sense are also i container furniture which will allow you to easily store objects and tools after their use.


Modern open space: photos and images

If you love living the spaces of your home freely, open space is the right solution for you. Browse the gallery and discover many useful ideas for furnishing the open space.


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