Mistakes not to make in the walk-in closet project

The walk-in closet is the dream of all fashion addicts, but it can turn into a nightmare if not furnished in the best possible way. Here are all the mistakes to avoid in the project.


In all movies and TV series, dream homes have walk-in closets. This is why it is increasingly chosen for one’s home.

In the walk-in closet all your clothes will find space, but also shoes and accessories. The essential thing is that everything is organized and in order in such a way as to have everything in view and always at hand, but chaos does not reign.

To do this can not miss boxes, containers and internal organizers for drawers. Furthermore, you must follow a few simple rules in the design phase: be careful not to make even one of the mistakes we will discuss shortly, otherwise catastrophe is just around the corner. Let’s see them together.

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1. Do not optimize the available space

The walk-in closet is everyone’s dream, but if not well organized it will become a nightmare. The first thing to do in the design phase is to take the measurements well and evaluate how to furnish the space taking advantage of every available inch.

About that, a project with bows has an angular structure and uses all the vertical space. First of all, long clothes will be relaxed and you will avoid unwanted unpleasant wrinkles, but in addition you can store the bed linen, the change of seasons and maybe even the snow equipment on the higher shelves. Further down, more frequently used clothes and accessories will follow.

If you don’t want to overload the space visually, leave everything in sight. To keep in order, use boxes and containers: the most comfortable are the transparent ones that allow you to always have an eye on the content.

Also, a good strategy to expand it further is to insert a large full-length mirror. The mirrors they can in fact have this double function and often they are used in small spaces to make the environment visually larger and brighter. To top it all off, remember to also place a smaller mirror behind your back to get your best look at yourself.


2. Scatter the shoes in bulk

Perhaps your initial dream was Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet with all the pumps on display on the shelves, but if the space at your disposal does not allow for such an arrangement, rather than leave all the shoes scattered on the floor or in bulk on the bottom of the room it will be better to leave them in their boxes.

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In theory the best solution, also from the point of view of cleaning, is place the shoes inside a shoe cabinet, but if you really don’t want to give up the idea of ​​keeping them in sight, you can choose those fabric organizers to hang on the back of the door or directly on the clothes rails.

In reality, it is always better to keep shoes indoors because they will be protected from dust and other possible sources of stains.

3. Accumulate unworn stuff

Even the walk-in closet wider and more spacious it must not become a place of compulsive accumulation of things never worn. Before filling it, dedicate yourself a nice decluttering session: do you know Marie Kondo’s method?

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

Then decide whether to donate all the discarded clothes or put them up for sale. Nowadays there are many apps that allow you to do this, thus helping to reduce the environmental impact and giving new life to your garments that may have never been used.


4. Wrong lighting

Imagine having spent hours in your walk-in closet to choose how to best match the dress you wear. Then imagine leaving home and noticing that the colors you have selected don’t match at all!

How is it possible? Simple, you made a huge mistake about lighting.

Most of the time the walk-in closets have no windows therefore natural light will need to be reproduced with bulbs with a temperature between 400K and 5500K. I’m always LED ones are preferable, cheap and low-polluting.

An optimal lighting design includes a central light and accent lights in strategic points, such as near the clothes rails and the mirror. A valid alternative are spotlights positioned along the entire path of the furniture or LED strips directly under the shelves.

5. Don’t customize the environment

You know, the eye wants its part. An equally serious mistake compared to the previous ones would be to not customize your walk-in closet and make it a simple wardrobe, cold and bare.

First of all, here too it will be necessary choose a furnishing style and propose it both in the furniture and in the accessories. A modern walk-in closet will have glass and aluminum partitions, metal clothes rails inside, and a few other frills.

The glamorous version will have a floral pattern and bright colors, a large full-length mirror and also an armchair or a sofa designed to welcome friends who have been gathered to choose the outfit for an important interview.

A session, whatever it is, will also prove useful for putting on shoes, with or without Prince Charming.


Mistakes not to make in the walk-in closet project: pictures and photos

Take a look at this photo gallery and design your walk-in closet as a sign, without errors.


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