Mezzanine ideal colors

What are the best colors to decorate the mezzanine. How to combine them. And what furniture and materials can enhance this space.


Blue, green, black, yellow, haze white – all this choice of colors confuses you and you just don’t know where to start? You don’t know how to choose between two almost identical hues if not for a different level of imperceptible saturation? And the furnishings? How do you choose the perfect color in an elevated space? If all these questions run into your brain, it means that you are designing your mezzanine and you are a bit undecided on how to make it.

Therefore, before you start shopping for furniture, objects and decorations, it is important choose the right colors to furnish it: only in this way will you have a balanced and homogeneous environment that can cover your mezzanine with taste and elegance.

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White mezzanine

The mezzanine decorated with the shades of white is ideal for who wants to create a clean and tidy setting, without taking any excessive risk with bright or too dark colors.

So, let’s paint all the walls And the ceiling from White ice, which is the perfect color for a room that is well lit by natural light. Then, to obtain a chromatic balance that does not make the mezzanine too cold, the floor will be a parquet in wood or porcelain stoneware. In fact, other materials such as marble, slate or ceramic tiles, combined with white, could create a rigid and impersonal atmosphere, too aseptic and cold.

Finally, in order not to create barriers to the energetic power of white, the railings they will be in transparent glass and steel, thus overlooking the room below without visual obstacles. Inside, we insert furniture of a strong color, such as a black for the table And the seats. Instead, for decorations, we buy gods milky white vases or gods paintings with shades White ivory or White pearl, which will revive the atmosphere.


Blue mezzanine

Blue is a bright and very energetic color, which will transform the mezzanine into a bright clear sky.

Since it is a very versatile color, we can use it in different ways and with different combinations, both of materials and combinations. For example, after applying a light blue and white wallpaper, the other walls they will be completely white. And the main material will be wood, of a clear type: we buy some wooden shelves from Beech tree, or one stool in woodfir.

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Instead, if we want to recreate a rustic setting, typical of country houses, we mount the pine wood parquet, which with its dark knots and its precious shape will be perfect for the original and witty mezzanine.


Otherwise, we opt for one gradation fuller and more decisive, as a sky blue aquamarine, which will make us dive directly into the depths of the ocean. However, let’s not overdo this tint in the loft environment. For example, we buy the bedding and the lounge chair aquamarine, instead the walls they will be whitesimply by not adding additional colors or materials that are too elaborate.

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Gray mezzanine

Gray is an elegant color that enhances the rooms more refined and superfine. Therefore, it is the right color for those who want to create a study or office area on the mezzanine.

For example, after painting the walls from Grey pearl, we mount the railings in steel shiny, which with their natural color will add extra value to the sophisticated look created by gray. Then, the decorative elements such as vases And knick-knacks they will be in aluminum, steel or plastic.

Finally, since the mezzanine may not enjoy direct sunlight, we mount gods spotlights o from the ceiling appliques, which are an excellent source of soft lighting and ideal for an office.


Green mezzanine

Green is a lively color that can take on an elegant look, with its emerald shade, or bright and exciting, with mint green or lime green. In the mezzanine, it is a pleasant and relaxing color, both for a modern and avant-garde setting and for a more classic and traditional space.

For example, after mounting some light wood planks on walls, buy one green desk lime, which will shine with its own light in the whole environment. Then, place one next to the wooden bookcase broad-leaved plant and bright, which will immediately catch the eye.


Otherwise, to get a less conventional and unusual look, we apply one green floral wallpaper, which covers the entire wall, from the area below to the mezzanine. Then, the rest of the wall will be of a green Emerald, eccentric but elegant enough.

How colors from match, you can use is the Brown, in its darker shades, that the black. For example, the railing Sara made of black painted iron, while the lounge chair in front of the bed on the mezzanine will have a wooden frame dark brown, such as oak or cherry.


White and gold

And how not to name one of the winning combinations in any environment? Yes, even for the mezzanine the white and gold is a combination full of advantages and nuances that will be irresistible.

For example, you can paint the ceiling And the walls completely of White, revealing the wooden beams, for a rustic-chic effect. Then, the railings of the mezzanine will be covered with gold paint.

In addition, the decorations will be in brass or copper: buy an old one brass oil lamp, while the frames some pictures will be in copper. Also there bedding will follow this pattern, with a bedspread a lines white and gold.


Ideal colors mezzanine: images and photos

Are you ready to paint the mezzanine? And have you found all the furnishings and furniture that can enhance it with amazing and bright colors? If you still have some doubts and need inspiration, browse the image gallery, there are many photos waiting for you to improve your project!


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