Mediterranean style bedroom

The Mediterranean style is recognizable and characterized by stylistic influences deriving from many different countries of the basin close to the sea. Light colors, shades of blue and objects from the marine world are just some of the recurring elements in this style. We show you how to set up and decorate a Mediterranean-style bedroom.


The Mediterranean style it draws inspiration from the influence of different peoples who have in common overlooking the sea. From here, therefore, the notes of color inspired by the sea stand out, as the main element, but also the use of natural materials, like stone, and again elements from tradition, starting from the art of ceramic processing, up to that of seafaring origin.

If your goal is to decorate and furnish your bedroom in Mediterranean style, we give you some suggestions to follow, simple and effective.


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Mediterranean style bedroom: colors

The first element that we are going to analyze, to give life to a bedroom furniture in perfect Mediterranean style, are the colors. Close your eyes and imagine a small island in Greece, or a lighthouse overlooking the sea. Again, try to imagine a wooden boat parked on the shoreline. These are just some of the elements that inspired the creation of the perfect Mediterranean-style palette.

The blue of the sea, the blue and the white of the houses on the islands, from Sicily to Greece, but also the color of the stone, of the sand.

How to combine the colors and make no mistake? Create a neutral base, white or beige in color and play with patterns and shades of blue, light blue and light blue. The result will be homogeneous and coherent.


Decorative elements in the Mediterranean style

Once you have found the right palette for the room, it’s time to choose the decorative elements, most of them are in perfect marine theme. Go ahead, then, to paintings depicting the sea, the waves or a landscape.

Among the recovered objects it is possible to find real gems, such as discarded parts of small boats, such as oars or fishing nets. All these elements become added value, if combined with the Mediterranean style bedroom.

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If you want to give a touch more, we advise you to set up a delicate veil canopy, light and volatile, to transform the bed into a dream gazebo, as if you were on a beach.


Plants cannot be missing too, a symbol of vitality and homage to the nature of the Mediterranean. Choose plants suitable for interiors, which stand out for their intense green color, such as succulents that, throughout the Mediterranean basin, grow strong, abundant and luxuriant.

Finally, have fun using baskets woven in vivimi or straw, both to contain and store objects and to decorate the walls.

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Materials suitable for the Mediterranean style

What materials are suitable for the Mediterranean style for the bedroom? Let’s start with the fabrics. The tradition of the peoples of the Mediterranean has an ancient textile culture, which translates into carpets, handicrafts made with the macrame technique and light fabrics, in cotton, jute or veil.

Regarding the furniture, the ace in the hole for this style remains the wood, undisputed sovereign for the realization of the bed or other furnishing elements. To create a perfect environment, stone details cannot be missing. In this material it is possible to design niches in the walls or wall decorations.

Finally, impossible not to pay attention to another material that cannot be missing: ceramic. From the craftsmanship of ceramics, famous from Portugal to the coast of Campania, the famous majolicas are born with their typical motifs of this style. use to create decorative stitches or to design the floor.


Mediterranean style children’s bedroom

And if instead bedroom to design in Mediterranean style is intended for children home? Following the advice relating to the colors and materials to be used, you can create a fresh youthful ambiance by including some playful details.

Try, for example, to insert in the bedroom an old wooden rudder and to give it new life, painting it a nice bright color. This is an activity that you can also do with children, involving them in the creation of the furniture for their bedroom.

Another idea suitable for this style is that of choose furnishing accessories, such as lamps or paintings, inspired by the world of the sea but with funny subjects, like pirates or mermaids.

If you prefer that the children’s room is colorful, without going out of the schemes of the Mediterranean palette, uses mustard yellow to give the environment light and vitality.


Bedroom in the Mediterranean style: photos and pictures

Here is a rich photo gallery, dedicated to the Mediterranean style for the bedroom. The colors, elements and materials suitable to make the room impeccable, inspired by the sea and tradition.


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