Mediterranean style bathroom

Furnishing the bathroom in a Mediterranean style is one of the fashions of the moment. However, this trend is very particular and you have to carefully choose colors, materials and even accessories. So here are some tips to follow to be sure not to make mistakes!


The Mediterranean style is inspired by the places and landscapes of the homonymous area. Precisely for this reason, when furnishing according to this trend, we must try to recreate the typical environments of this area.

To do this, you need to pay attention to some basic details. First, the colors to use are not random, but they must be chosen carefully. In a bathroom in style Mediterranean, for example, the white dominates, but There are even gods blue details.

Also for regarding the materials, the choice must fall on the natural ones, such as stone, wood, but also wicker, rattan or terracotta. Finally, you always have to remember the importance of ceramic and of some accessories to be added.

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The simplicity of a Mediterranean style bathroom

A bathroom in style mediterranean must appear very simple and essential. This means that first and foremost must be ordered and no personal items should be left in plain sight.

Then, you have to choose the right furniture. Let’s start by saying that the less furniture there is is the better. It is necessary to opt only for the essential pieces and these must be of very specific materials. In this way, there will also be more space to move around and consequently the bathroom will appear larger.

One idea, for example, is that of prefer shelves to classic cabinets. These are very practical, space-saving and can be a good solution for do not leave the walls too bare.


The materials to furnish the bathroom in Mediterranean style

Regarding the materials best to furnish a bathroom in Mediterranean style, the choice must fall without any doubt on those natural, such as the wood. For the few furniture and shelves, for example, there is no better material than this.

Another very interesting idea is that of opt for the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. These are a very frequent choice in Mediterranean style homes.

Finally, don’t forget there Stone. This comes used be for the floor that for the walls. The effect will be that of a very basic bathroom, but at the same time clean and tidy.

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For both wood and stone, the recommendation is to choose finishes or matt surfaces. They must look raw and untreated to be in perfect Mediterranean style.


The importance of decorated pottery

Among the materials recommended for the Mediterranean style, the decorated pottery. This, in fact, is typical of this area and comes used be for the accessories that for create real ones design elements in home.

However, the Mediterranean style bathroom has simplicity as its main feature. Precisely for this, only the decorated ceramic floor is rarely chosen, as it could be excessive.

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Small ones work on the walls, However, they can be a good alternative. Care must be taken not to overdo it and to choose the right points in which to make them. For example, it might be a good idea to decorate the tiles in a walk-in shower or those on the wall near the sink.


The colors of a Mediterranean bathroom

Colors also play a key role in a Mediterranean bathroom. In particular, we can say that there are only two shades that must be preferred.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Mediterranean area is certainly the blue of the sea. Not by chance, the blue is one of the main colors to use if we want a Mediterranean style bathroom.

Also the White, However, is a real must. In fact, this is one hue neutral and clear, perfect for lighting all rooms, especially the smaller ones. In the Mediterranean bathroom, therefore, white should be the dominant nuance.

You will notice that by choosing this color, there toilet will seem larger and more spacious and it will also give you the feeling of being a fresh and clean place.


The accessories to choose in a Mediterranean style bathroom

Even if the Mediterranean style bathroom has to be rather simple, there are some accessories that cannot be missing anyway. For example, one mirror is key. This He can have a frame processed with gods mosaics or a simpler one, maybe in rattan.

They must not be missing then of the wicker baskets, perhaps to put the laundry to be washed or even to store some really indispensable object. Also one wooden stool can become a element of design.

Finally, i clay pots are another must when decorating in a Mediterranean style. You can use them to put of the small ones seedlings in the bathroom.


Bathroom in the Mediterranean style: pictures and photos

If you want to furnish the bathroom in a Mediterranean style, take a look at the images in the gallery below. You will have the opportunity to observe many photos that can be of inspiration!


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