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What is sisal? Discover the characteristics of this natural and innovative material, which is conquering all the new interior design trends. Here are the most suitable styles for decorating your home with sisal.

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The new interior design trends, they are moving more and more in the direction of environmental sustainability, through the use of natural colors and materials, able to make welcoming and comfortable environments.

And indeed, for some years now, we have been witnessing the success of accessories and furnishing accessories made in sisal, a vegetable fiber totally biodegradable, which comes from heart of the countries south of the equator.

It is in these areas of the planet that the plant of agave, from which thin fibers are extracted which make it possible to obtain very resistant ropes, yarns and fabrics, ideal for carpets and household artifacts.

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The sisal it is robust, long lasting and chemical free harmful. All these features make it a material very appreciated by those who love ecological furniture, and wants to bring a natural yet elegant touch into the home.

Yes, because sisal gives a touch of warmth to rooms, thanks to its warm natural shades, which make it an ally of other widely used materials, such as wood, rattan, wicker and jute. Find out how to best use it and how to integrate it with the various styles of furniture.

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What is sisal?

Sisal is a fiber very resistant vegetable obtained from the plant succulent agave sisalana. The fibers extracted give life to numerous artifacts for the home, first of all carpets and doormats, but also storage baskets, poufs and yarns of various kinds.

Despite being a thin fiber, turns out be a lot resistant. The look, rough and raw to the touch, gives the sisal a very natural appearance, enhanced by a medium-light ecru shade. Precisely for this reason the sisal it is a fabric very versatile, who gets married perfectly with many styles of furniture: that’s what they are.

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Furnishing with sisal: the most suitable styles

Trends of interior most current suggest to create combinations own with natural fibers, such as rattan, jute and sisal. The carpets of braided rope, the fabrics of flax and baskets of sisal, they are furnishing accessories perfect in environments of the House shabby chic or country.

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In particular, sisal goes well with wooden furniture, so it’s perfect too for the coastal and marine style home. The reference to nature and the typical elements of seaside homes gives a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant, which immediately puts you at ease.

Natural fibers are indispensable even in the ethnic style e in that bohemian. The artifacts made with sisal give that informal and at the same time refined touch, which makes the rooms warm and comfortable. Reason for which, could be quietly used for soften the rigorous and geometric atmospheres of modern houses in minimal or scandinavian style.

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Home decor ideas

Sisal matches the styles of furniture that prefer neutral and natural colors. Carpets are among the elements of furniture most used for beautify the bedroom o the living. You prefer soft shapes and working with elaborate weaves, to enhance the coffee table in the living room, or a large chest at the foot of the bed.

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The ottomans, armchairs, chairs and even tables and stools: with sisal is really possible to realize of everything! Being a strong and elastic fiber, it is increasingly used in the creation of furnishings for indoor and outdoor spaces.

It is also biodegradable, so much so that it has become a worthy substitute for some plastic materials, traditionally used for the creation of furnishing elements.

Sisal resists high temperatures, but with the sun it tends to darken: if you decide to use this material to furnish the outdoors, please note that its original color may change until it becomes brown.

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In addition to furnishing accessories, you can find the sisal also used for the accessories oi decorative artifacts. Among the most popular products there are the storage baskets, versatile and easily adaptable to your needs.

From laundry basket for the bathroom, to container magazine holder for the living room or for the bedroom; the sisal basket also lends itself to becoming an elegant one vase holder decorative, for yours plants of apartment. Its natural touch helps you to furnish the whole house in an elegant, accurate and never predictable way.

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Lamps, lampshades and sisal chandeliers give charm and harmony to the environment. Choose of the suspension lamps with different geometric shapes, for light up the patio or veranda with an original and modern touch.

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Sisal, furnishing ideas: images and photos

If you are fascinated by the idea of ​​decorating your home with sisal, browse all the images in the gallery. Here you will find many interesting ideas, to use it at its best in every room of the house: let yourself be inspired!


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