Maisons du Monde textile news 2021: a journey into nature

With the arrival of spring, each of us wants something new, at home and outside. If fashion suggests colorful dresses and floral prints, how about dressing up your interior with a new light? New air in the home and in a few steps with a change of look to cushions, curtains, carpets and much more. Discover with us Maisons du Monde textile news 2021.


If you love to change the style and color of your home with each change of season, now is the ideal time to surround yourself with color. Let’s leave behind the sober and elegant interiors – characterized by an almost neutral color palette – that have accompanied us in the colder months and we bring color into the house.

Several companies offer a whole new catalog, this to meet your needs. Outdoor spaces that deserve the same attention as interiors are experienced more. If buying new furniture involves an extra expense and more time to choose, buying accessories is the easiest way. How about taking it with us? Be inspired by the new Maisons du Monde textile collections: a brand, a guarantee. Let’s dive into nature together.

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The Maisons du Monde tents

What better way to bring new light into your home than changing the curtains on the windows? Let yourself be enveloped by delicate nuances or dare with seductive monochromes like the one that elects the pantone of the year as the best trend. Maisons du Monde has thought of everything and with curtains of the PACINA range he knows how to seduce you. A presenting curtain cotton gauze eyelets, lightweight fabric and measures 130 x 250 cm at a very attractive price: € 29.99.


If, on the other hand, you want to give character to the rooms, choose LAKSAO, a curtain with linen eyelets e vegetable print (125 × 250 cm). Price? € 89.99.


The carpets

White, colored, optical, geometric, natural, romantic, mini, maxi, large, round, rectangular: there really is something for everyone. What are we talking about? But gods carpets that, with lightness, give a new look to your home. This year’s trend includes natural shades all accompanied by equally natural fabrics and textures. Maisons du monde offers you a wide range of opportunities.

We at Casa e Giardino let ourselves be enchanted by TURGIS, tufted carpet worked strictly by hand that traces ecru and black motifs and that transports us to an oriental atmosphere. Ideal in the living room with measures of 140 × 200 cm. Quality only costs € 119.00.

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The pillows

A small touch is really enough to change the face of an environment, just a pillow is enough to change the air in the house. Usually used on the sofa in the living room or bedroom, they represent the easiest way to make a change of look: the perfect choice at every change of season. Add a pinch of whimsy and creativity and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at what the French furniture company offers: velvet, cotton or jute materials, earthy colors, classic contrasts in black and white or more daring, floral print the trend that is the most popular and a lively touch given by pompoms.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

MEAUTIS is a concentrate of modernity and elegance: cushion in cotton and linen, with embroideries in ecru and blue gray, it has delicate fringes along the edges. It measures 45 × 45 cm and costs only € 25.99. Let’s take a seat in the bedroom.


Bed set

The textile novelties for the bed are so many and fascinating, both for children and for adults, you will love them all: comfort and well-being at the first touch. Let yourself be embraced by cotton fabrics, soft and light, choose the colors that best suit your room: monochrome, multicolored graphics or floral prints.

We introduce you GEORGIA with duck blue plant motifs for a sophisticated touch in the bedroom. Measures 220 × 240 cm for the price of € 69.99. How about taking a look at the catalog?


The plaids

To be pampered by a soft embrace there are also plaids to warm you in the bedroom but also to dress up your armchairs in the living room. Ready to keep you company in the afternoons to devote to reading a good book.

ABACAS presents a brown and ecru vegetable print for € 49.99. The fabric is in organic cotton. Let’s move to the kitchen where important news awaits us for the lunch break.


The runners

Colorful and fun: bring fresh air to the table with the runners from the new collection by Maisons du Monde. Natural fabrics to dress your dining area with simplicity.

Below we present DUMAI in mustard color, embellished with a delicate contrasting vegetable print. Price € 11.99. We conclude our roundup of novelties with the classic tablecloth. Ready to set the table according to your style?



KODAL, HOME, MISELO, LEVANE, LAIKA these are just some of the names of the new collections created made of high quality cotton. Geometric, floral or graphic motifs to make your kitchen a place of welcome and well-being and enhance the beauty of your table.

In the photo you can taste the delicacy of LAIKA (150x250cm) with a gray base and graphic designs made with intriguing contrasts of blacks, whites and yellows. Price € 39.99.


Maisons du Monde textile news 2021: photos and images

The pieces that we have proposed to you are just a few, we would add a small part of the entire collection that the French company offers for this spring-summer. How about browsing the online catalog? In the meantime, we at Casa e Giardino have included some other proposals for you to enjoy. Let yourself be surprised.


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