Maisons du Monde chairs catalog

The chairs are a piece of furniture not to be overlooked. They enrich the environment and make it more comfortable. Here are all the news in the Maisons du Monde 2021 catalog.


Maisons du Monde it’s a well-known French company that proposes on sale decorations, furnishing accessories and furniture. Its stores are widespread in many countries of central Europe and it also has an eCommerce that allows home delivery.

It has established itself in the scenario of large-scale distribution for its delicate attention to the fashions of the moment, offering every year a new catalog that can satisfy all tastes and budgets. This year they were presented two new lines, the Bold and the Craft, and well five new collections which represent as many trends.

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From the delicate atmosphere of Formentera we arrive at the more minimal and contemporary style of Agriates, passing through the roaring 20s with Florence. Taroudant has evident ethnic references and finally Comporta, shabby chic as per the tradition of the parent company.

Each of these has inside various models of chairs, both for indoors and outdoors. Let’s see them together.

Maisons du Monde chairs catalog

Chairs for the living area

As we have said, chairs can be useful allies to beautify your home and make it welcoming. Before buying them, you will have to evaluate some factors important such as the height of the table or worktop next to which you will place them.

Keep in mind that on average a table is between 72 and 76 cm high, it exceeds 80 cm if it is antique. For this reason, for a chair to be considered right, the distance between its seat and the lower edge of the surface must be greater than 30 cm.

Also consider that a chair cannot always have multiple uses. You want for the comfort of the seat, you want for the upholstery material chosen, the chairs you choose for the living room may not be suitable for the kitchen, the one on the desk will not be suitable for the toilet in the bedroom and so on.

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Obviously we are not saying that if necessary you will not be able to use them to accommodate your supernumerary guests, but basically you will have to be aware that each room has its ideal chair.

The new proposal by Maisons du Monde FOLLY is a chair in pine and poplar wood, with washable polyester cover. Her classic style is chic, but not demanding. It has an essential line and is for sale in a single color, beige. Its polyurethane foam padding makes it particularly comfortable and elegant.


TRADITION, as can be easily guessed from the name, it is a chair from the past. It has a crossed seat in rattan and the structure is in birch and metal. It is available in two colors, dark green and light green, both opaque and with black metal backrest.

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This is the classic French bistro chair, ideal for Provencal furnishings. The extra idea is to combine it in a more modern context to look for the very trendy vintage / contemporary contract this year.


But the real news is ICE, one chair with a contemporary line with a marked Scandinavian influence. Its peculiarity are the myriad of colors and fabrics in which it is made, from velvet to imitation leather. The structure is made of hevea wood, a resistant and eco-sustainable material.

Equipped with soft foam padding, which guarantees a comfortable seat, and an enveloping backrest, it will look great not only around the dining room, but also in the study area.

The real sciccheria will be buying them in different colors and arranging them all around the same table, as in the following photo.


Bar stools

The bar stools they are now commonly used in kitchens equipped with a snack counter or island. In both cases, it will be necessary to choose a session that is in line with the rest of the furnishings.

KRAFT is the classic backless stool, with metal frame and seat in fir wood. It is perfect for an industrial style home, but adding a pillow will make it more romantic and therefore you can also adapt it to something different.


KLINT is designed specifically for the kitchen, ed it is equipped with a comfortable contrasting footrest. This stool fits easily into a sophisticated and trendy environment, you will love its regenerated leather upholstery!

Also MULTIPL’S is to the central island, available in black or antique gray metal.


Garden chairs

Taking care of your outdoor area, be it a small terrace or a small balcony, is an excellent opportunity to indulge in a little relaxation in the open air. In the 2021 Maisons du Monde catalog you are spoiled for choice, all very chic furnishing elements, in wicker, rattan or bamboo.

Depending on the size you have, you can choose between armchairs, chairs and stools. If possible, don’t miss the enchanting one BOAYANA rocking chair in rattan effect resin and ecru cushion Supplied.


Maisons du Monde chairs catalog: images and photos

Don’t miss out on this rich selection of chairs. Whether you need to renovate your apartment or it’s the first time you buy this piece of furniture, we are sure you will find this photo gallery very interesting.


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