Leroy Merlin pvc flooring catalog

PVC floors are an inexpensive and easy-to-apply solution for a low-budget renovation and more. Let’s take a look at the offer in the Leroy Merlin catalog.


The PVC floors I’m a great solution, practical and fast, for who wants restructuring in a short time and without facing too expensive costs. It is to all intents and purposes a coating to be laid directly on the pre-existing one so it does not require major removal works (if you are familiar with DIY you can also apply it independently) or adaptation of doors and windows.

This comes from the fact that vinyl floor rolls they have a really low thickness, usually between 2 and 6 mm. Furthermore, by its nature PVC is a very resistant, antistatic and waterproof material, therefore also suitable for humid environments and children’s bedrooms.

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It is about an easy-to-clean coating, which does not require special maintenance measures. Just use a soft cloth soaked in warm water and neutral detergent. Be careful when using the floor cleaner or steam cleaner: high temperatures or strong heat could cause the vinyl to come loose. Chemical cleaners are also to be avoided, including the common acetone used to remove nail polish.

Depending on the installation method, PVC floors are distinguished in floating, in which the blades (similar to parquet and laminate planks) are fixed together with or without interlocking, and stickers, equipped with pre-glued back. The latter are more used, especially in the home, because they are easier to install and have a greater variety of choices. Indeed, they are found for sale in both blades and tiles, square or rectangular.

One of the peculiarities of vinyl is precisely that it can take any shape and reproduce infinite finishes, from wood effect to marble, passing through natural stone and linoleum. All these and many more on sale by Leroy Merlin in the new 2021 catalog. Let’s find out together.


Leroy Merlin 2021 Catalog

The coatings are to be considered in all respects integral part of the furniture. They complete any environment and must be chosen to match the style of the whole house. Vinyl can be used not only for floors, but also for the back of the hob in the kitchen or the shower box in the bathroom.

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By choosing PVC you will not only have ease of installation, but also the possibility of changing your mind often because its removal is immediate and without huge costs. Depending on the style chosen, at Leroy Merlin it will be possible to find the most suitable one, from classic to modern.

Let’s start from GLENT, a similar golden parquet, perfect for giving brightness to any room. It will look great in a Nordic style living room, but also shabby chic or Provencal.


As we have said, the installation of PVC floors does not require special skills, unless the chosen design is not particularly intricate. This is the case model with geometric pattern where the smallest application error would be immediately visible.

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If that happens, don’t panic. As this is a 1.5mm thick vinyl adhesive, all you have to do is lift it up and reposition it. A useful tip is to start from the center of the room and use a spatula to spread it towards the perimeter walls in order to eliminate any air bubbles.


Self instead you prefer something more classic, the one in the next photo is a refined upholstery in shades of beige, suitable for both the living area and the sleeping area.


The practicality of PVC coatings also lies in the fact that you can decide how to lay it (whether with the slats vertically or horizontally) even at the last minute.

In the photo below, the NEW TOSCANA is positioned parallel to the furnishings.


MUNGO plays a wood a little worn, from the color golden yellow. It will find its perfect location in a city apartment in industrial style or with ethnic elements.


If, on the other hand, you are looking for something very fashionable, which reflects the real trend of the moment, you will not be able to give up the model GATSBY that plays gods decorations similar to cement tiles.

Here in black and gray version, are available in many other color variations, including multicolor like the famous Vietri ceramics.


We have already mentioned that the PVC it is also ideal in the room of the little ones, because it is antistatic, non-slip and waterproof.

If in addition it has a beautiful track of toy cars to play and have fun in company, like the model CHILD MACADAM, then it’s really perfect! His thickness a little less than 3 mm will also help to cushion any falls.


Leroy Merlin PVC flooring catalog: images and photos

Browse this summary photo gallery and start imagining the PVC floor that best suits your spaces and needs. Whether indoors or outdoors, consider your choice carefully and you won’t regret it.


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