Kitchen sand-colored walls: combinations, ideas and inspirations

The sand-colored walls are a valid alternative to white and are perfect for the living area, especially for the kitchen. Here are many ideas for a sand-colored kitchen and as many tips on the best combinations for a refined and classy environment.


The neutral color palette is always a good idea, especially when it comes to repainting the walls, e the sand color is one of the most flexible. In especially, the kitchen sand-colored walls continues to receive more and more support among fans of light and bright colors, easy to combine and perfect for making the environment visually more spacious and airy.

But how the sand color matches and for which furnishing styles choose it? In reality, there are many combinations to which this particular shade lends itself, which oscillates in perfect harmony between ivory and dove-gray. Likewise, we would like to recommend it for all styles of furniture, from shabby chic to contemporary.

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Let’s focus, at this point, on characteristics of the sand color and on the best combinations for the kitchen, also dwelling on the best combinations for each type of environment and atmosphere.


Color sand: characteristics and meaning

The sand-colored wall paint includes many shades. Contrary to what one might think, in fact, the sand color is multifaceted: not surprisingly, we talk about golden sand colored walls, when the hue is warmer, and dove-gray sand-colored walls when, on the other hand, one approaches a more cold neutral shade.

But what are the features sand color and how to identify it? The sand color is, in its purest sense, a soft shade of brown and is very similar to ivory and ecru. It is a neutral shade and, for this reason, easy to match.

Being clear and bright, but not overly bright, the sand color it is relaxing and soothing to the eye. It has the advantage of recreating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere and, for this reason, it is frequently chosen for the living area, in particular for the kitchen or the dining room. Its meaning reconnects, not by chance, to calm, to serenity and inner peace.


How does the sand color match?

The sand color, as anticipated, it is a neutral color and Consequently it goes with practically everything. There are, however, combinations that enhance it more than others and that blend well with the kitchen environment.

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Between the best colors to match the sand we suggest:

  • White
  • black
  • brown (all wood tones)
  • Grey
  • dove gray
  • red


Kitchen sand-colored and white walls for a bright environment

Let’s start with one of the combinations absolutely more popular, that of the kitchen sand-colored walls with white. There are many choices: you can decide to make only some walls of the kitchen in sand and leave the others blank, or play with the decor and juxtapose these two light and luminous shades.

We recommend the combination of sand and white specially if you want to visually make your kitchen more spacious, which could be useful if it is located in an open space and is “relegated” to rather small sizes.

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Kitchen sand and gray walls for a modern style

The combination with white is suitable for practically all styles. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the perfect combination for a modern style kitchen, definitely opt for the combination sand and gray color. Choose sand for the walls – but also just for one wall, if you prefer tiling behind the hob – and furnished your kitchen in gray (or dove gray).

The environment will be fresh and modern. Complete the decor with pendant lamps, stools and chairs with minimal lines and clean.


Kitchen sand-colored walls and wood for the classic style

There is nothing better than one kitchen sand-colored walls with wooden furniture if your home is furnished in classic style. Choose a wooden worktop, with visible veins and a lived-in look, and combined with sand-colored walls furniture and furnishing accessories with elegant lines, neoclassical and soft.

Put your crockery on display, but also ceramics and porcelain most beautiful to recreate an atmosphere of the past, with irresistible retro vibes.


Kitchen with sand-colored walls and black furniture: pure contemporary elegance

The kitchen with black cabinets is luxurious and elegant. Why not match it with the sand-colored walls? If you love classy and chic environments, with a contemporary appeal, this is the combination that best suits you and your kitchen.

Bet everything on the details: a statement hood protagonist and niches in the walls, to display your design objects.


Kitchen sand and red walls for a lively twist

Let’s dispel the myth that neutral colors simply look good with each other, or combined with black and white. The possibilities of choice are not lacking as regards the vibrant and bright colors to match the sand-colored walls of the kitchen.

One of the most beautiful, certainly of great impact, it’s red. We invite you, if you love neutral colors but do not want to flatten the environment too much, to insert furnishing elements declined in this shade to make your kitchen less banal and more lively.

An example? Chairs and table in red, or add movement to the sand-colored walls with one wall in this nuance behind the hob, that is with mosaic tiles or with fake bricks.


Kitchen sand-colored walls: pictures and photos

Did you enjoy our cooking tips with sand-colored walls? Take a look at the image gallery below – you’ll find lots of inspirational photos for your kitchen.


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